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Generic Drug Scan currently has 53 Manufacturers starting with letter "V" making 1046 distinct Drug Brands thereof .
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Drug Manufacturer
V S Healthcare Ltd
Vaishali Pharmaceuticals
Valcret Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
Valens Biotech
Valiant Healthcare Ltd
VandB Healthcare
Vanguard Laboratories
Vanguard Therapeutics
Vanran Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Vantage Biotech Pvt Ltd
Vardhman Biotech Pvt Ltd
Varun Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Vasphar (India)
Vatican Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Vazokare (Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd)
Vega Biotech Pvt Ltd
Vega Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Vega Pharma
Velite Healthcare
Vencare Formulations Pvt Ltd
Vensat Bio
Ventus Pharmaceuticals
Venus Remedies
Vermilion Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Versatil Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Vertex India Healthcare
Verve Formulations Pvt Ltd
Verve Healthcare Ltd
VGR Bio Laboratories
VHB Life Sciences Ltd
Vibra (Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd )
Vidakem Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
Vidar Lifesciences (Odin Healthcare Pvt Ltd)
Vilberry Healthcare
Vilco Laboratories
Vindas Chemicals Industries Pvt Ltd
Vintage Labs Pvt Ltd
Vishnu Natural Herbs Pvt Ltd
Vision Biotech
Vision Medilink
Vista (FDC Ltd)
Vista (Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd )
Vista Healthcare
Vital Helesys Pvt Ltd
Vivia (Biochemix Healthcare Pvt Ltd)
Vivid Biotek Pvt Ltd
Vivid Labs Pvt Ltd
Vokin Biotech Pvt Ltd
Volta (Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd)