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Generic Drug Scan currently has 63 Manufacturers starting with letter "T" making 2419 distinct Drug Brands thereof .
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Drug Manufacturer
Tablets (India) Ltd
Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Talent Healthcare
Talent India
Talent Laboratories
Talson Pharmaceuticals
Talwar Pharma
Tanpal Nutraceuticals
Tas Med (I) Pvt Ltd
Taurus Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Tavis Lifecare
Teblik Drugs Ltd
Technica Labs and Pharma Pvt Ltd
Technopharma Pvt Ltd
Techyon Biotech Pvt Ltd
Terma medicare India put ltd
Terrace Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
The Pharmed Research Lab Pvt Ltd
The Rawlley group
Themis Chemicals Ltd
Themis Medicare Ltd
Themis Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Therapeutic Pharmaceuticals
Therawin Formulations
Thiest Biotec
Three Dots Lifesciences
Thurs Pharmaceuticals
Ticoma Pharmacia
Tidal Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Times Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Tirupati Medicare Ltd
Tishcon Pharmed
Titan Bioscience Pvt Ltd
Toran Biotech
Torino Labs Pvt Ltd
Torque Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Torrent Labs Pvt Ltd
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Tosc International Pvt Ltd
Total Healthcare
Totem Biotech Pvt Ltd
Trends Pharma Pvt Ltd
Tri Medix Pharma Pvt Ltd
Tribhawan Injectables
Trident Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Trigat Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Trigenesis Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
Trio Remedies Pvt Ltd
Triton Healthcare Pvt Ltd