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Generic Drug Scan currently has 116 Manufacturers starting with letter "R" making 2386 distinct Drug Brands thereof .
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Drug Manufacturer
R K Medicare Pvt Ltd
Race Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Rachil Remedies Pvt Ltd
Rachit Medi Sciences
Raddison Health Care Pvt Ltd
Radhe Biotech
Radico Remedies
Radicura Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd
Radisun Lifesciences
Radix (Solitaire Pharmacia Pvt Ltd)
Rads Biomed (Total Healthcare)
Raikar Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Raj Bioceuticals
Rallis India Ltd
Ramose Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Ranbaxy Diagnostics
Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd ,
Ranbaxy Labs Ltd
Raphael Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Rapross Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Raptakos Brett and Co Ltd
Rasco Life Sciences
Rass Healthcare
Ratchet Biotech Pvt Ltd
Raulette Formulations
Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Ravian Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Ravian Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Rax Health Care Pvt Ltd
Raxin Health Care
Ray Remedies Pvt Ltd
Rayh Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Raymond Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd
Rays Health Care Pvt Ltd
RBS Pharma
Reckitt and Benckiser (India) Ltd
Reckitt and Colman of India Ltd
Reco Drugs
Recon Healthcare Ltd
Red Bross Labs Ltd
Reddy Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Redix Life Care Pvt Ltd
Redline Healthcare
Redson Labs Pvt Ltd
Redson Pharmaceuticals
Regardia Pharmaceuticals
Rekvina Pharmaceuticals
Rekvina Pharmaceuticals India Pvt Ltd
Relax Pharmaceuticals