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Generic Drug Scan currently has 140 Manufacturers starting with letter "P" making 3305 distinct Drug Brands thereof .
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Drug Manufacturer
P and B Laboratories Pvt Ltd
P C India Pharma Pvt Ltd
Pacific Biotech
Pacific India
Paksons Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Palas Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd
Palsons Drugs and Chemical Industries
Panacea Biotec Ltd
Panacea Laboratories
Panacea Pvt Ltd
Pancare Pharmaceuticals
Panchpedh Pharma Pvt Ltd
Pangea Pharma Ltd
Panjon Ltd
Panjon Pharma Ltd
Panm Labs (India)
Pans Laboratories
Panvik Pharmaceuticals
Paradigm Healthcare
Paragon Pharmaceuticals
Parangat Organics
Paras Laboratories Ltd
Pardys Healthcare
Parenteral Drugs (India) Ltd
Parex Phamaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Park Pharmaceuticals
Parke Davis (India) Ltd
Parnax Lab Pvt Ltd (Adonis Labs Pvt Ltd)
Pasteur Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Patson Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Paviour Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Pax Healthcare
PDC Healthcare
Pearl Medilife Pvt Ltd
Peerage Pharma Pvt Ltd
Pegasus Farmaco India Pvt Ltd
Pegasus Pharmaco India Pvt Ltd
Penam Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Pentacare (Alkem Laboratories Ltd)
Pentamark Organics
Perch Labs Ltd
Percos India Pvt Ltd
Perfect (Solitaire Pharmacia Pvt Ltd)
Perk Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Perron Pharmaceuticals
Petrosolv India Ltd
Pfiscar India Ltd
Pfizer Ltd (Pharmacia India Pvt Ltd)
Pharma (Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd)
Pharma Corp Inc