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Generic Drug Scan currently has 66 Manufacturers starting with letter "O" making 1701 distinct Drug Brands thereof .
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Drug Manufacturer
Oasis Biotech Pvt Ltd
Oasis Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Oasis Pharma and Phytomolecules Pvt Ltd
Oasis Remedies
Oboi Laboratories (Ciron Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd)
Obsurge Biotech Ltd
Obzone Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Ochoa Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Octan (Natco Pharma Ltd)
Octane Biotech Pvt Ltd
Octavia Labs
Octavius Pharma
Octillions Pharmaceuticals
Oddiant Formulations
Odin Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Oirpil Biotech
Okasa Pvt Ltd
Okyano Pharma Pvt Ltd
Olamic Pharma Pvt Ltd
Olcare Laboratories
Olmed (Biochemix Healthcare Pvt Ltd)
Om Biomedic Pvt Ltd
Om Biotec
Om Biotec (Oncomed Pharmaceuticals)
Om Hare Ram Healthcare Pvt Ltd
OM Healthcare
Omega Remedies Pvt Ltd
Omenta Pharma Pvt Ltd
Omnicare (Cipla Ltd)
Oncare Life Sciences (Adley Formulation)
Oncocare (Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd )
Oneiro Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Onika Organics
Onkos (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals)
Onsite (Sanofi Aventis Pharma India)
Ontop Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Opthal Remedies (I) Pvt Ltd
Optho Remedies Pvt Ltd
Optica Pharmaceuticals
Opticarma (India)
Optima Healthcare
Orange Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Ordain Health Care Pvt Ltd
Oreva Dermacare (Zee Laboratories Ltd)
Organic Labs Pvt Ltd
Organon (India) Ltd
Orion Biotech Pvt Ltd
Orison Pharmaceuticals
Orley Laboratories Pvt Ltd