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Generic Drug Scan currently has 56 Manufacturers starting with letter "K" making 1239 distinct Drug Brands thereof .
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Drug Manufacturer
K C Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Kaiser Pharmaceuticals
Kaizen Drugs Pvt Ltd
Kaizen Pharmaceuticals
Kaleon Laboratory
Kalindi Medicure Pvt Ltd
Kalpataru Formulations Pvt Ltd
Kamakshi Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Kamron Laboratories Ltd
Kansas Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Kapeetus Medicorp
Kare Health Specialities Pvt Ltd ,
Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Kavya Healthcare
Kaytross Healthcare Ltd
KCM Laboratories
Kedna Pharmaceuticals
Kee Pharma Ltd
Keen Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Kelvin Pharmaceuticals Labs Pvt Ltd
Kendall Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Kenn Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Kentreck Labs Pvt Ltd
Kepsee Lab
Kerala State Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Keval Pharma
Kevin Pharma Pvt Ltd
Khandelwal Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Khushal Pharmaceuticals
Kim Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Kind Care Pharmaceuticals
Kinson Pharma
Klar Sehen Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Klar Sehen Pvt Ltd
Klarvoyant Biogenics Pvt Ltd
Klintoz Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Klokter Life Sciences
Knoll Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Knox Life Sciences
Kokad Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd
Kolson India
Konark Biochem
Konark Life Sciences
KonTest Chemicals Ltd
Kopran Pharma Ltd
Kramer Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Kresp (Kopran Pharma Ltd)
Kris (Hetero Healthcare Ltd)
Krish Medicare
Kumayun Drugs Pvt Limted