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Generic Drug Scan currently has 78 Manufacturers starting with letter "I" making 3230 distinct Drug Brands thereof .
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Drug Manufacturer
Icarus Healthcare Pvt Ltd
ICI Pharmaceuticals India Ltd
Icon Pharma and Surgicals Pvt Ltd
ICPA Health Products Ltd
Ideal Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Idol Biotech Pvt Ltd
Ikeirdorf (Invision Medi Sciences)
Ikon Remedies Pvt Ltd
Immuna Life Sciences
Impact Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Inargo Medichem
Inca (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd )
Inca Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Ind Chemie Health Specialities Pvt Ltd
Ind Swift Ltd
Indamed Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Indi Pharma Pvt Ltd
India Agro Vision Implements Pvt Ltd
Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Ind Biosciences)
Indica Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Indico Pharmaceuticals
Indilina Pharmaceuticals
Indkus Drugs Pharma Pvt Ltd
Indo French Labs
Indo Pacific Life Sciences
Indo Pharma Laboratory
Indo Reh Pharmaceuticals
Indo Safe Pharmaceuticals
Indoco Pharmaceuticals
Indoco Remedies Ltd
Indon (Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd )
Indoss Life Sciences (Oscar Remedies Pvt Ltd)
Indosurge Biotech
Indu Drugs
Indus Biotech Pvt Ltd
Indus Pharma Pvt Ltd
Indusken Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Infalife (Invision Medi Sciences)
Infar (India) Ltd
Influx Pharmaceuticals
Inga Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Injecto Capta Pvt Ltd
Innova (IPCA Laboratories Ltd )
Innova Formulations Pvt Ltd
Innovative Pharmaceuticals
Innovative Remedies
Inovative Oversease Inc
Inspira (Svizera Healthcare) (Maneesh Pharmaceuticals Ltd)
Instant Remedies Pvt Ltd