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Generic Drug Scan currently has 57 Manufacturers starting with letter "H" making 1322 distinct Drug Brands thereof .
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Drug Manufacturer
H L Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research Ltd
Haffkine Bio Pharmaceuticals Corporation Ltd
Halcyon Drugs
Haledew Remedies
Halfkin Bio Pharmaceuticals Corporation Ltd
Hallmark Formulations Pharmaceuticals
Hamax Pharmaceuticals
Hanburys Health Care Ptv Ltd
HandH Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Hands Pharmaceuticals
Hanuchem Laboratories
Harison Remedies
Harson Lab Pvt Ltd
Haryana Formulations Pvt Ltd
Hauz Pharma Pvt Ltd
Heal All Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Healers Lab
Healing Touch Pharmaceuticals
Health Biomed Pharma
Health Biotech Pvt Ltd
Health Care Formulations Pvt Ltd
Health Guard (India) Pvt Ltd
Healthcare Lifesciences
Healtheon (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd )
Healthkind Labs Pvt Ltd (Zenacts Pharma)
Healthkind Pharma Pvt Ltd
Healthy Life Pharma Pvt Ltd
Hecure Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Helax Health Care
Helios Pharmaceuticals
Helplab Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Hetero Healthcare Ltd
Hexal Pharmaceuticals
Hi Tec Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Higlance Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Himsagar Laboratories Ltd
Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd
Hindustan Laboratories
Hindustan Pharmaceuticals
Hinglaj Laboratories of India
Hiral Labs Ltd
Hitech Formulations Pvt Ltd
Holly Organics Pvt Ltd
Hope Life Sciences
Hosta Labs
HRD Supra Healthcare
Hufort (Hos and Ins)