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Generic Drug Scan currently has 43 Manufacturers starting with letter "F" making 819 distinct Drug Brands thereof .
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Drug Manufacturer
F C Remedies
Fairdeal Research Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Faith Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Fastcure Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Fem Care Pharma Ltd
Feron Life Sciences Pvt Ltd (Fem Care Pharma Ltd)
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Fidalgo Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Fidelity Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
Fillips Pharma
Fine Kind Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Finecure Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Finesse Pharmaceuticals
Finex HealthCare Pvt Ltd
Fitwel Pharmaceuticals
Flamingo Pharmaceutical
Flora and Fauna Remedies
Flora and Pharma
Flora Biotech
Floreat Medica Pvt Ltd
Focus Healthcare Pvt Ltd
FOI Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Foregen Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Forein Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Foresee (Micro Labs)
Forgo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Forrit (Wonder Healthcare)
Fourrts (India) Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Fox and Wolf Healthcare
Franco Indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Franco Indian Remedies
Frank Medilink
Frankfurt Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Franklin Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Franklin Remedies
French Formulations
Fresenius Kabi Oncology Ltd
Friends Pharma
Fulford (India) Ltd
Fusion Healthcare Pvt Ltd