A-Z List of Generic Drug Manufacturers.
Alphabetical Listing for easy reference. Get details about Drug Manufacturer, Related Drug Brands, Generics, Contact Info like Address, Phone, Email and Website etc.
Generic Drug Scan currently has 2433 Drug Manufacturers Listed with 59724 respective Brands. This list is being updated reglarly, please write to us if a manufacurer or brand you know is missing from our list.

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Drug Manufacturer
Astra IDL Ltd
Astra Zeneca Pharma India Ltd
Astraea LifeSciences
Astrantia Remedies Pvt Ltd
Astrochem Laboratories
Athens Labs Ltd
Athlon Mediventures Pvt Ltd
Atishya Biotech
Atlantic Pharmaceuticals
Atlas Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Aton Biotech
Atoz Pharmaceuticals (Zota Healthcare Pvt Ltd)
Aurel Biolife
Auriga Labs
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd
Aurochem Labs (India) Pvt Ltd
Auroma Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Aurum Life Science Pvt Ltd
Auspi Medicaments
Aust Ind Labs
Austro Labs
Auztus Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Avalanche Pharmaceuticals
Avancer Labs Pvt Ltd
Aventis Pasteur India Ltd
Aventis Pharma Ltd
Aveon Healthcare and Pharma Pvt Ltd
Aver Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Avesta (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd )
Avin Pharma
Avinash Health Products Pvt Ltd
AVL Green Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Avni Healthcare
Avron Pharma
AXA Parenterals Ltd
Axis Life Science Pvt Ltd
Axis Pharma
Axyzen Life Sciences
Azillian Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Azine Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Aztec (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd )
Aztec Life Sciences
Azuca (Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd )
Azura (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd )
B and B (Micro Labs Ltd )
B B Remedies Pvt Ltd
B L Pharma Ltd
B M Medico Pvt Ltd
Bacchus Pharma