A-Z List of Generic Drug Manufacturers.
Alphabetical Listing for easy reference. Get details about Drug Manufacturer, Related Drug Brands, Generics, Contact Info like Address, Phone, Email and Website etc.
Generic Drug Scan currently has 2433 Drug Manufacturers Listed with 59724 respective Brands. This list is being updated reglarly, please write to us if a manufacurer or brand you know is missing from our list.

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Drug Manufacturer
Aqcor Drug
Aqualife Pharmaceuticals
Aquila Labs
Ar Ex Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Arakind Pharma
Arbour Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Arbro Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Ardor Drugs Pvt Ltd
Argen Lifesciences
Argil Life Sciences
Argos Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Argus (Aurobindo Pharma Ltd )
Arian (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd )
Aries Drugs Pvt Ltd
Arika Healthcare
Arinna life sciences pvt ltd
Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Arlak Biotech Pvt Ltd
Armour Remedies (India) Ltd
Aronex Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Arora Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Arron (Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd )
Arrowin Pharmaceuticals
Artel Laboratories
Articon Labs
Arunabh Pharma
Arvind Laboratories
Arvind Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Arvind Remedies Ltd
Arya Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
Aryan Biological Corporation
Aryan Biotech Pvt Ltd
AS Pharma
Asbestos Drugs and Chemicals Pvt Ltd
Ascent Corporations (Pvt) Ltd
Ascent Laboratories
Ascent Remedies Pvt Ltd
Asclepius Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Ashok Pharmaceuticals
Asklepios Remedies Pvt Ltd
Aspire Lifesciences
Asrox (Wonder Healthcare)
Assam Chemical and Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd
Assam Surgical and Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd
Assure Lifescience Pvt Ltd
Astam Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Aster Medipharma Pvt Ltd