A-Z List of Generic Drug Manufacturers.
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Generic Drug Scan currently has 2433 Drug Manufacturers Listed with 59724 respective Brands. This list is being updated reglarly, please write to us if a manufacurer or brand you know is missing from our list.

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Drug Manufacturer
Alexin Bio Sciences Pvt Ltd
Alfa Igra Inc
Algen Healthcare Ltd
Alice Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Alicon Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Alidac Genetics and Pharmaceuticals
Alixinox Pharmaceuticals
Alka Pharmaceuticals
Alkem Laboratories Ltd
Allen Dale Biosciences
Allenburys (Glaxo Smithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd )
Allenge India
Allentis Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Allergan India Ltd
Alliance Remedies
Allianz Healthcare
Allied Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Allien Pharmaceuticals
Allies Pharma
Alligate Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Allminds Labs Pvt Ltd
Allpa India Medicines Pvt Ltd
Allure Remedies Pvt Ltd
Almed Drugs Pvt Ltd
Alna Biotech
Alpa Laboratories Ltd
Alpa/Starry Health Care Pvt Ltd
Alpha Aromatic Pvt Ltd
Alpha Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Alpha Health Care
Alpha Lab
Alpha Pharmaceuticals
Alpic Biotech Ltd
Alpic Remedies Ltd
Alports Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Alsun Pharma
Altak Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Altar Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Altar Life Sciences (Altar Healthcare)
Altar Sri Labs Pvt Ltd
Altius Life Sciences
Altruist Pharmacia Pvt Ltd
Alvid Indo
Alwin Wilcare Pharmaceuticals
Ambic Aayurchem
Ambience Pharma
Ambient Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Ambit Health Care Pvt Ltd
Ambition Pharma Pvt Ltd
Ambitions Drugs Pvt Ltd