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JAN AUSHADHI SCHEME : Brief Introduction

The access to low-priced generic drugs is very critical in ensuring health care at affordable prices. Ensuring availability of quality medicines at affordable prices to all has been the key objective of the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Government of India. The JAN AUSHADHI SCHEME, launched in 2008, envisages key initiative of opening of dedicated outlets i.e. 'Jan Aushadhi Stores' where high quality generic medicines would be sold at low prices. Such medicines would be equivalent in potency and efficacy to expensive branded drugs.

A sample comparison of prices : Branded Drugs Vs Jan Aushadhi Medicines

Generic10 TabletsBranded (Rs.)Jan Aushadhi(Rs.)Difference
Antibiotic: Ciprofloxacin250 mg54.7912.894 times higher
Pain Killer: Diclofenac100 mg60.4004.2014 times higher
Common Cold: Cetrizine10 mg18.1002.756 times higher
Fever: Paracetamol500 mg09.4003.033 times higher
Pain & Fever: Nimesulide100 mg39.6703.1612 times higher

So far, a total of 308 Jan Aushadhi Stores have been opened across 23 States of India, where high quality generic medicines and other medical products are available at very affordable prices. [Check for : Jan Aushadhi Stores ]

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S.No.Drug CodeGeneric/ItemUnitPrice(MRP)Category
251358Propofol 10 mg/ml Inj.10ml Vial54.79SURGICAL ANESTHETICS
252360Mifepristone 200 mg Tabs1x1058.67ANTICANCER AGENT
253361Oxytocin 5 iu / ml Inj.1 Ml Amp.9.48GYNAECOLOGICAL
254362Biphasic Isophane Insulin Inj 40IU/ML(50:50)10 Ml Vial118.96ANTIDIABETIC AGENTS
255363Glargine 100 IU/ml InjCartridge 3 Ml590.92ANTIDIABETIC AGENTS
256364Glimperide 2mg + Metformnin Hydrochloride 500mg Tab10's17.51ANTIDIABETIC AGENTS
257365Gliclazide 80mg + Metformin Hydrochloride 500mg Tab10's20.28ANTIDIABETIC AGENTS
258366Glipizide 5mg + Metformin Hydrochloride 500mg Tab10's6.80ANTIDIABETIC AGENTS
259367Voglibose 0.3mg Tab10's12.34ANTIDIABETIC AGENTS
260368Gliclazide 60mg Tab10's37.62ANTIDIABETIC AGENTS
261369Acarbose 50mg Tab10's62.80ANTIDIABETIC AGENTS
262371Voglibose 0.2mg Tab10's12.73ANTIDIABETIC AGENTS
263372Metformin Hydrochloride Prolong Release 500mg Tab10's8.84ANTIDIABETIC AGENTS
264373Artesunate 60mg Inj.1 Vial24.12ANTIMALARIA
265374Artemether 80mg + Lumefantrine(Banflumetol) 480mg Tab6's55.89ANTIMALARIA
266375Quinine Sulphate 300mg Tab10's54.75ANTIMALARIA
267376Imipenem 500mg and Cilastatin 500mg InjVial & Wfi384.25ANTIBIOTIC
268377Clindamycin 300mg Caps10's54.77ANTIBIOTIC
269380Clarithromycin 500mg Tab4's66.23ANTIBIOTIC
270381Cefixime 200mg + Ofloxacin 200mg Tab10's68.29ANTIBIOTIC
271382Linezolid 600mg Tab10's176.16ANTIINFECTIVE
272383Cefpodxime 200mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg Tab6's81.11ANTIBIOTIC
273384Itraconazole 100mg Caps4's20.15ANTIINFECTIVE
274385Cefixime 200mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg(as pot. Clavulanate) Tab10's102.74ANTIBIOTIC
275386Diethylcarbamazine 50mg Tab30's10.73ANTIINFECTIVE
276387Terbinafine 250mg Tab7's31.55ANTIINFECTIVE
277390Ethambutol 800mg Tab10's31.05ANTI T.B.
278391Moxifloxacin 400mg Tab5's91.98ANTIBIOTIC
279393Acyclovir Dispersible 800mg Tab5's35.30ANTIFUNGAL AGENT
280395Cefuroxime 500mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg (as pot. clavulanate) Tab6's122.14ANTIBIOTIC
281400Ketoconazole 200mg Tab10's25.90ANTIFUNGAL AGENT
282401Amoxycillin 250mg with Potassium Clavulanate 125mg Tab6's39.61ANTIBIOTIC
283402Amoxycillin 875mg + Potassium Clavulanate 125mg Tab6's62.57ANTIBIOTIC
284403Clindamycin 300mg/2 ml Inj2ml51.65ANTIBIOTIC
285404Linezolid Infusion 600mg/300ml300ml95.15ANTIBIOTIC
286405Ofloxacin Infusion 200mg/100ml100 Ml23.01ANTIBIOTIC
287406Aciclovir Intravenous Infusion 500mg / VialVial77.63ANTIVIRAL
288407Ivermectin 12mg Tab10's6.99ANTIINFECTIVE
289414Tranexamic Acid 500mg + Mefenamic Acid 250mg Tab10's78.09BLEEDING CONTROL
290416Prazosin 5mg Tab15's26.40ANTIHYPERTENSIVE
291417Telmisartan 40mg + Amlodipine 5mg Tab15's15.16CARDIOVASCULAR AGENT
292418Rosuvastatin 20mg Tab10's27.77CARDIOVASCULAR AGENT
293422Torasemide 10mg Tab15's14.72CARDIOVASCULAR AGENT
294423Bisoprolol 5mg Tab10's27.04CARDIOVASCULAR AGENT
295424Carvedilol 3.125mg Tab10's5.48CARDIOVASCULAR AGENT
296425Diltiazem 90mg Tab10's20.18CARDIOVASCULAR AGENT
297427S-Amlodipine 2.5mg Tab10's8.85CARDIOVASCULAR AGENT
298428Digoxin 250mg(0.25mg) Tab10's6.53CARDIOVASCULAR AGENT
299429Atorvastatin 10mg + Fenofibrates 160mg Tab15's24.39CARDIOVASCULAR AGENT
300430Amiodarone 200mg Tab10's67.92CARDIOVASCULAR AGENT