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JAN AUSHADHI SCHEME : Brief Introduction

The access to low-priced generic drugs is very critical in ensuring health care at affordable prices. Ensuring availability of quality medicines at affordable prices to all has been the key objective of the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Government of India. The JAN AUSHADHI SCHEME, launched in 2008, envisages key initiative of opening of dedicated outlets i.e. 'Jan Aushadhi Stores' where high quality generic medicines would be sold at low prices. Such medicines would be equivalent in potency and efficacy to expensive branded drugs.

A sample comparison of prices : Branded Drugs Vs Jan Aushadhi Medicines

Generic10 TabletsBranded (Rs.)Jan Aushadhi(Rs.)Difference
Antibiotic: Ciprofloxacin250 mg54.7912.894 times higher
Pain Killer: Diclofenac100 mg60.4004.2014 times higher
Common Cold: Cetrizine10 mg18.1002.756 times higher
Fever: Paracetamol500 mg09.4003.033 times higher
Pain & Fever: Nimesulide100 mg39.6703.1612 times higher

So far, a total of 308 Jan Aushadhi Stores have been opened across 23 States of India, where high quality generic medicines and other medical products are available at very affordable prices. [Check for : Jan Aushadhi Stores ]

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S.No.Drug CodeGeneric/ItemUnitPrice(MRP)Category
6028057POLYPROPYLENE { 1/2 Cir RB 25 mm needle SUTURE length 75 cm DOUBLE ARM.One157.15SURGICAL ITEMS
6038059POLYBUTYLATE / SILICON COATED POLYSTER BRAIDED white { 1/2 cir Tapercut ,17 mm double needle length 90 cm }One188.48SURGICAL ITEMS
6048060POLYBUTYLATE / SILICON COATED POLYSTER BRAIDED green/ blue { 1/2 cir Tapercut ,17 mm double needle length 90 cm }One188.48SURGICAL ITEMS
6058061POLYBUTYLATE / SILICON COATED POLYSTER BRAIDED GREEN / BLUE { 1/2 cir Tapercut ,17 mm double needle length 90 cm } double arm with PTFE pledgets size 6 mm x 3mm x 1.5 mmOne216.29SURGICAL ITEMS
6068062POLYBUTYLATE / SILICON COATED POLYSTER BRAIDED GREEN / BLUE { 1/2 cir Tapercut ,25 mm double needle length 90 cm } double arm with PTFE pledgets size 6 mm x 3mm x 1.5 mmOne216.29SURGICAL ITEMS
6078063COTED POLYSTER BRAIDED { GREEN / BLUE } SIZE 3/0 1/2 cir Tapercut ,25 mm double needle length 90 cmOne138.28SURGICAL ITEMS
6088064Polyglecaprone/ 1/2 circle oval RB neele 26 mm , needle , suture length of 70 cm. }One184.47SURGICAL ITEMS
6098065Polyglecaprone /Polyglyconate (l/2 Circle Oval RB Contrast Needle 26mm, suture length 70cm)One164.15SURGICAL ITEMS
6108067Polyglecaprone /Polyglyconate (3/8 Circle Cutting 25mm Needle, Suture Length of 70cm)One95.87SURGICAL ITEMS
6118078Skin Grafting Knife Blade (Sterile) made of carbon steel or stainless steel material 158 mm long individually wrapped in wrapper corrosion inhibitor paper in single packet, in packs of 10. The edge must be sharp enough to cut the skin in a single shave and should snugly fit in the handleOne105.16SURGICAL ITEMS
6128080FACE MASK , DISPOSABLE ,Should be manufactured from non woven poly prop fabric ,Should be 3 ply construction ,Should have high Bacterial filtration efficiency ,Should be heat sealed to keep 3 layers together ,Standard Size 17.5 x 9 cm ,Colour Green / Blue ,There should be a string each at all four cor ners, length of string should be 40 cmOne1.99SURGICAL ITEMS
6138081URINE COLLECTING BAG FOR NEW BORN / PAEDIATRIC URINE COLLECTING BAG Should have suitability for both male and female patients ,Capacity 100 ml ,SterileOne9.75SURGICAL ITEMS
6148082UMBILICAL CATHETER { FOR NEW BORN } ALL SIZE ,With female flexible mount ,Open tip should be soft, rounded, atraumatic ,Length 40 cmOne8.85SURGICAL ITEMS
6158083a--Sanitary Napkin, Beltless 1. Covering ? Covering of the absorbent filler shall be good quality knitted sleeve or non-woven fabric which has sufficient porosity to permit the assembled napkin to meet the absorbency requirements. The napkins shall have a non absorbent barrier on one side which shall have an identifying mark indicating the side of the barrier. 2. Absorbent Filler ? The filler material shall consist of cellulose pulp/ wadding, and shall be free from lumps, oil spots, dirt or foreign material, etc. 3. Back Strip ? A back strip for sticking the sanitary napkin onto the underwear should be there using good quality adhesive material. 4. Size - The size of absorbent section / complete sanitary napkin shall be as follows: ( in mm) Absorbent section Total Pad Length 210 +_ 10 230 +_ 10 Width 60 to 75 70 to 85 Thickness 8 +_ 2 5. Weight : Not more than 10 gmPack21.91SURGICAL ITEMS