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JAN AUSHADHI SCHEME : Brief Introduction

The access to low-priced generic drugs is very critical in ensuring health care at affordable prices. Ensuring availability of quality medicines at affordable prices to all has been the key objective of the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Government of India. The JAN AUSHADHI SCHEME, launched in 2008, envisages key initiative of opening of dedicated outlets i.e. 'Jan Aushadhi Stores' where high quality generic medicines would be sold at low prices. Such medicines would be equivalent in potency and efficacy to expensive branded drugs.

Mission Objective...

Making quality medicines available at affordable prices for all, particularly the poor and disadvantaged through exclusive outlets of "Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Kendra" so as to reduce and redefine the unit cost of treatment per person.

A sample comparison of prices : Branded Drugs Vs Jan Aushadhi Medicines

Generic10 TabletsBranded (Rs.)Jan Aushadhi(Rs.)Difference
Antibiotic: Ciprofloxacin250 mg54.7912.894 times higher
Pain Killer: Diclofenac100 mg60.4004.2014 times higher
Common Cold: Cetrizine10 mg18.1002.756 times higher
Fever: Paracetamol500 mg09.4003.033 times higher
Pain & Fever: Nimesulide100 mg39.6703.1612 times higher

So far, there are currently 2950 Jan Aushadhi Stores (PMBJKs) have been opened across covering 695 districts or city locations in 33 states of India, where high quality generic medicines and other medical products are available at very affordable prices. [Check for : Jan Aushadhi Stores ].

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S.No.Drug CodeGeneric/ItemUnitPrice(MRP)Therapeutic Group
507838Cilostazol Tablets IP 50mg10's47.23CVS
508840Citicoline Tablets 500mg10's169.88CNS
509844Clonazepam Tablets IP 1mg10's13.20CNS
510860Dextromethorphan HBr Syrup IP 13.5mg/5ml50ml22.08RESPIRATORY
511865Diacerein Capsules IP 50mg10's36.11Analgesic
512868Dicyclomine HCl (Dicycloverine) Injection IP 10mg/ml2ml3.49GIT
513878Drotaverine HCl 80mg, Mefenamic Acid 250mg Tablets10's15.27ANALGESIC
514879Drotaverine HCl Tablets IP 40mg10's6.79ANALGESIC
515881Ebastine Film Coated Tablets 10mg10's7.16Antiinfective
516882Efavirenz Tablets IP 600mg30's422.92Antiinfective
517888Febuxostat Tablets 40mg10's16.60urology
518889Febuxostat Tablets 80mg10's37.67Analgesic and antipyretic /Muscle relaxant
519893Filgrastim 300mcg/1ml Prefilled Syringe1's259.20Antiinfective
520901Gabapentin Capsules USP 300mg10's24.07cvs
521904Glimepiride 1mg Metformin 500mg Tablets10's6.73Antidiabetic
522905Glimepiride 2mg, Metformin Hydrochloride 1g Tablets10's29.70Antidiabetic
523913Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate Injection IP 100mgVial23.94steroid
524915Hydroxyzine HCl Tablets IP 10mg10's4.04cvs
525916Imatinib mesylate Tablets IP 400mg10's497.00cvs
526923Isosorbidemononitrate Tablets IP 20mg10's7.00CVS
527926Ketoconazole Cream 2%w/w15gm Tube16.58Antiinfective
528933Leflunomide Tablets IP 20mg10's90.65Drugs acting on endocrine gland including steroids & immunosupressant
529934Lenalidomide Capsules 10mg10's422.00anticancer
530935Letrozole Tablets 2.5mg10's42.40Antiinfective
531937Levetiracetam Syrup100 Mg/5ml100ml116.30CNS
532945Levosulpiride Tablets 25mg10's9.49Antiinfective
533946Lignocaine (Lidocaine) Hydrochloride Gel IP 2% w/v20g19.60Anesthetic
534948Lorazepam Tablets IP 1mg10's6.73cns
535949Lorazepam Tablets IP 2mg10's6.30cns
536955Mefenamic Acid 50mg, Paracetamol 125mg/5ml Suspension60ml11.00ANALGESIC
537960Metformin SR Tablets IP 850mg10's12.38Antidiabetic
538968Mirtazapine Tablets 15mg10's22.28CNS
539975Nebivolol 5 mg, Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg Tab.10's40.00CVS
540976Nebivolol Tablets IP 10mg10's25.75CVS
541978Nepafenac 0.1% w/v Eye Drop5ml45.00ENT
542987Nitrofurantoin Tablets I.P 100mg10's15.28urology
543990Olanzapine Tablets I.P 10mg10's17.48CNS
544991Olanzapine Tablets I.P 5mg10's8.10CNS
545992Olmesartan Tablets 20mg10's15.18CVS
546993Ondansetron Oral Solution I.P 2 mg/5ml30ml10.80GIT
547994Oxaliplatin Injections 50mgVial430.00Anticancer
548996Oxcarbazepine Tablets I.P 300mg10's39.00CNS
549997Paclitaxel Injection 100mgVial540.00Anticancer
5501003Permethrin Cream 5% w/w30gm26.66DARMA
5511005Phenobarbitone Tablets I.P 30mg30's9.00CNS
5521011Piracetam Syrup 500mg/5ml100 Ml42.75CNS
5531012Piracetam Tablets 400mg10's13.48CNS
5541022Prochlorperazine Maleate Tablets I.P 5mg10's4.23CNS
5551024Promethazine Injection I.P 25 mg/ml2ml3.10steroid
5561026Propranolol Tablets IP 10mg10's3.51CVS