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Compare Prices of Jan Aushadhi (Generic Medicines) with Average MRP of top 3 leading brands

Compare Jan Aushadhi (Generic Medicines) Price with Average MRP of top 3 leading brands [Alphabetically Generic/Item wise]

S.No.Generic Salt/ItemUnit/Size/PackingJan Aushadhi Price(BPPI MRP) Average MRP of top 3 leading brandsTherapeutic Group
79Oxaliplatin Injections 50 mgVial4303215.34Anticancer Drugs
122Ofloxacin + Ornidazole (200 mg + 500 mg) film coated Tablets10's22.5596.83Antiinfective Drugs
123Ofloxacin 200 mg film coated Tablets10's14.852.6Antiinfective Drugs
124Ofloxacin 400 mg film coated Tablets10's26.2133.83Antiinfective Drugs
137Ornidazole 500 mg film coated Tablets10's14.972.35Antiinfective Drugs
153Ofloxacin Infusion 200 mg /100 ml100 Ml23.01103.46Antiinfective Drugs
160Ofloxacin 200 mg + Ornidazole 500 mg infusion100 Ml57.04140.58Antiinfective Drugs
226Olanzapine Tablets 10 mg10's17.4857.2Drugs acting on Central nerve system
227Olanzapine Tablets 5 mg10's8.131.1Drugs acting on Central nerve system
228Oxcarbazepine Tablets 300 mg10's3997.72Drugs acting on Central nerve system
290Olmesartan Tablets 40 mg10's26.71123Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
296Olmesartan Medoxomil 40 mg + Hydroclorthiazide 12.5 mg Tablets10's21.24142.83Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
299Olmesartan 20 mg+Amlodipine 5mgTabts.10's24.3259Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
317Olmesartan Tablets 20mg10's15.1881.53Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
354Oxymetazoline 0.5 mg /ml Nasal Drops10 Ml10.4847.64Drugs acting on Eye & ENT
356Ofloxacin Eye Drops 0.3% W/V10 Ml930Drugs acting on Eye & ENT
357Olopattadine Eye Drops10 Ml Vial15.04160Drugs acting on Eye & ENT
370Oxytocin Injection IP 5 iu /ml1 Ml8.1917.19Drugs acting on female reproductive organs
378Omeprazole + Domperidone (20 mg + 10 mg) Caps10's8.4967.45Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
379Omeprazole 20 mg Capsuls10's6.8223.1Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
380Ondansetron Injection 2 mg/ml2 Ml3.0811.14Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
381Ondansetron 4 mg Tabs10's2.8443.8Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
387Oral Rehydration Salts Citrate 21 gm (Who Formula) Sachet1s4.8514.91Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
389Oxetacaine 10 mg + Aluminium 0.291 mg + Magnesium 98 mg /5 ml gel200 Ml31.67116.46Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract