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Compare Prices of Jan Aushadhi (Generic Medicines) with Average MRP of top 3 leading brands

Compare Jan Aushadhi (Generic Medicines) Price with Average MRP of top 3 leading brands [Alphabetically Generic/Item wise]

S.No.Generic Salt/ItemUnit/Size/PackingJan Aushadhi Price(BPPI MRP) Average MRP of top 3 leading brandsTherapeutic Group
24Mefenamic Acid Suspension 100 mg/5ml60 Ml14.9228.8Analgesic and antipyretic /Muscle relaxant
29Mefenamic acid 500 mg + paracetamol 325 mg tablets10's11.4530Analgesic and antipyretic /Muscle relaxant
51Mefenamic Acid 50 mg, Paracetamol 125mg/5ml Suspension60ml1135.89Analgesic and antipyretic /Muscle relaxant
57Montelukast Sodium 5 mg Tab10's9.0485.33Antiallergic Drugs
58Montelukast Sodium 10 mg Tab10's12.73136Antiallergic Drugs
59Montelukast Sodium + Levocetrizine (10 mg + 5 mg) film coated Tablets10's12.64123Antiallergic Drugs
60Montelukast 10 mg + Fexofenadine Hcl 120 mg Tablets10's55.89135.46Antiallergic Drugs
120Meropenem 1gm Inj.Vial & Wfi255.411437Antiinfective Drugs
132Metronidazole 5 mg / ml Infusion100ml7.515Antiinfective Drugs
135Metronidazole Film Coated Tablets 200 mg10's24Antiinfective Drugs
136Metronidazole Tablets 400 mg10's3.757.5Antiinfective Drugs
188Moxifloxacin Tablets 400 mg5's58.78123.43Antiinfective Drugs
196Mannitol Injection IP 20% w/v100 Ml13.528.35Diuretic Drugs
208Methyl Ergometrine 0.125 mg Tabs10's9.0676.7Drugs acting on Central nerve system
225Mirtazapine Tablets 15 mg10's22.2883.33Drugs acting on Central nerve system
268Metoprolol 25 mg Tabs10's5.0428.8Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
269Metoprolol 50 mg Tabs10's4.7643.5Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
297Metoprolol 50 mg + Amlodipine 5 Mg Tablets7's9.761Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
337Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate Injection 1000 mg Per VialVial & Wfi494.811113Drugs acting on endocrine gland including steroids & immunosupressant
365Misoprostol 200 mcg film coated Tablets4's4.1361.96Drugs acting on female reproductive organs
367Mifepristone Tablets 200 mg1's58.67383.62Drugs acting on female reproductive organs
376Metoclopramide 10 mg Tabs10's3.2510.8Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
377Metoclopramide Injections 5 mg/ml2 Ml2.254.5Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
410Magaldrate 400 mg + Simethiocone 20 mg170 Ml22.3288.94Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
448Mupirocin Ointment 2 % W/W5gm39.1394.13Drugs acting on Skin (Topical/local Application)
453Mouth Ulcer Gel (Choline Salicylate Sodium 9% W/V, Benzalkonium Chloride 0.01% W/W)10 Gm12.4455Drugs acting on Skin (Topical/local Application)
454Mometasone Furoate 0.1 % W/W15 Gm14.47128.16Drugs acting on Skin (Topical/local Application)
482Metformin Hydrochloride Sustain Release Tablets 1000 mg10's11.0533.8Drugs used in Diabetes
483Metformin Hydrochloride 500mg Tabs10's5.1513.9Drugs used in Diabetes
486Metformin (SR) 500 mg + Pioglitazone 15 mg Tablets10's13.9749.19Drugs used in Diabetes
495Metformin Hydrochloride Tablets Prolong Release 500 mg10's8.8517.7Drugs used in Diabetes
499Metformin 1000mg SR + Glimepiride 2 mg Tablet10's18.2382.73Drugs used in Diabetes
502Metformin SR Tablets 850mg10's12.3829.66Drugs used in Diabetes
520Methylcobalamin 500 mcg Injection1 Ml7.0643.9Vitamins, minerals & Food Supplement