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Compare Prices of Jan Aushadhi (Generic Medicines) with Average MRP of top 3 leading brands

Compare Jan Aushadhi (Generic Medicines) Price with Average MRP of top 3 leading brands [Alphabetically Generic/Item wise]

S.No.Generic Salt/ItemUnit/Size/PackingJan Aushadhi Price(BPPI MRP) Average MRP of top 3 leading brandsTherapeutic Group
56Levocetrizine 5 mg film coated Tablets10's2.331.75Antiallergic Drugs
61Loratidine Tablets 10 mg10's6.8976.45Antiallergic Drugs
78Lenalidomide Capsules 10 mg10's4222533.79Anticancer Drugs
81Letrozole Tablets 2.5 mg10's42.4362.8Anticancer Drugs
119Levofloxacin 250mg film coated Tablets10's19.0840.9Antiinfective Drugs
131Levofloxacin Infusion 500 mg100ml Bott.25.72112.16Antiinfective Drugs
152Linezolid Infusion 600 mg/300 ml300 Ml95.15341.86Antiinfective Drugs
158Levofloxacin 500 mg Infusion / IV100ml29.08112.16Antiinfective Drugs
177Levofloxacin 500 mg film coated Tablets IP10's31.1565.42Antiinfective Drugs
183Linezolid Tablets IP 600 mg10's153.3321.93Antiinfective Drugs
211Levetiracetam Tablets 500 mg10's55109.7Drugs acting on Central nerve system
222Levetiracetam Syrup 100 mg / 5ml100ml116.3338Drugs acting on Central nerve system
223Lorazepam Tablets 1 mg10's6.7319.2Drugs acting on Central nerve system
224Lorazepam Tablets 2 mg10's6.323.3Drugs acting on Central nerve system
244Levosulpiride Tablets 25 mg10's9.4967.91Drugs acting on Central nerve system
264Lisinopril 5 mg Tabs10's7.161.95Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
265Losartan + H.Ch. Thaizide (50 mg + 12.5 mg) Film Coated Tablets10's9.0553.68Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
266Losartan 25 mg Film Coated Tablets10's5.0424.45Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
267Losartan Potassium 50 mg Film Coated Tablets10's946.2Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
298Losartan 50 mg+Amlodine 5 mg Tablets10's9.681.74Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
300Labetalol Tablets 100 mg10's43.65137.25Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
304Labetalol Injection 5 mg/ml4 Ml Vial91.99188.12Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
345Levo-Thyroxine Tablets 50 mcg100's Bottles6.7591Drugs acting on endocrine gland including steroids & immunosupressant
391Levosulpiride 75 mg+ Pantoprazole 40 mg Capsule10's60.16142.13Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
397Levosulpiride 75 mg+ Esomeprazole 40 mg Capsules10's54.56174.5Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
398Levosulpiride (Sr) 75 mg+ Rabeprazole (Ec)20 mg Capsules10's45.41149Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
399Loperamide Capsules 2 mg10's6.1633.2Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
405Laxative Suspension Liqid Paraffin 3.75 ml + Milk of Magnesia 11.25 ml)170ml Bott23.93104.66Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
411Lactulose 10 gm/15 ml200 Ml72196Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
415Lactulose Syrup 10 gm/ 15 ml100mlbott.49102.9Drugs acting on Gastro-intestinal-tract
521L-Lysine + Multivitamins (Vit-B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 ) Syrup200 Ml29.1189.25Vitamins, minerals & Food Supplement
523L-methylfolate calcium 7.5 mg Tablet10's51102.5Vitamins, minerals & Food Supplement
527Lignocaine Injection IP 2% w/v30 Ml Vial13.6528.67Local/General anaesthetics drugs
528Lignocaine (Lidocaine) Hydrochloride Gel IP 2% w/v20g19.640.54Local/General anaesthetics drugs