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Compare Prices of Jan Aushadhi (Generic Medicines) with Average MRP of top 3 leading brands

Compare Jan Aushadhi (Generic Medicines) Price with Average MRP of top 3 leading brands [Alphabetically Generic/Item wise]

S.No.Generic Salt/ItemUnit/Size/PackingJan Aushadhi Price(BPPI MRP) Average MRP of top 3 leading brandsTherapeutic Group
71Gemcitabine 1000 mg Inj.Vial631.216412.04Anticancer Drugs
72Gemcitabine 200 mg Inj.Vial154.491401.68Anticancer Drugs
242Gabapentin+Nortriptylinen(400/10 mg) Tablets10's71.62166.33Drugs acting on Central nerve system
312Gabapentin Capsules Usp 300 mg10's24.07137.66Drugs acting on cardio vascular system
429Guaifenesin 100 mg + Terbutaline 2.5 mg+ Bromhexine 8 Mg /10 ml Syrup100 Ml15.5154.21Drugs acting on Respiratory tract
475Glibenclamide 2.5 mg Tabs10's2.65.2Drugs used in Diabetes
476Glibenclamide 5 mg Tabs10's4.0510.3Drugs used in Diabetes
477Gliclazide 40 mg Tabs10's11.9334.24Drugs used in Diabetes
478Gliclazide 80 mg Tabs10's20.2548.22Drugs used in Diabetes
479Glimeperide 1mg Tab10's3.833.3Drugs used in Diabetes
480Glimeperide 2 mg Tabs10's5.0552.9Drugs used in Diabetes
481Glipizide 5 mg Tablets10's2.5Drugs used in Diabetes
489Glimepiride 2 mg + Metformin Hydrochloride 500 mg Sr Tablets10's17.7860.44Drugs used in Diabetes
490Gliclazide 80 mg + Metformin Hydrochloride Tablets 500 mg10's32.0664.8Drugs used in Diabetes
492Gliclazide Tabs/Caps Sr 60 mg10's37.62104.66Drugs used in Diabetes
496Glibenclamide 5 mg + MetforminHcl 500 mg tab10's10.3429.91Drugs used in Diabetes
497Glimepiride 3 mg tablet10's3.7862.33Drugs used in Diabetes
498Glimepiride 4 mg tablet10's4.3772.6Drugs used in Diabetes
500Glimepiride 1mg Metformin 500mg Tablts.10's6.7353.56Drugs used in Diabetes
501Glimepiride 2 mg, Metformin Hydrochloride 1g Tablets10's29.787.74Drugs used in Diabetes
507Glipizide 5 mg + Metformin Hydrochloride 500 mg Tablets10's5.8311.66Drugs used in Diabetes