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List of Hospitals in Bengaluru Urban, Karnataka - India.
Get details about all Hospitals in Bengaluru Urban with Address Location, Contact Information, Category, Care Type etc. Generic Drug Scan currently has 993 Hospitals listed in its database covering 982 locations in Bengaluru Urban of Karnataka - (India).

List of Hospitals in Bengaluru Urban - Karnataka (India)

A M Hospital
Aaroyha Mandir Hospital
Aasha Hospital
Aayug's Health Care
Aayugs Multispeciality Hospital
Abhay Hospital
Abhaya Eye Hospital
Abhaya Eye Hospital Super Speciality Eye Care Centre
Abhaya Hospital
Abhaya Hospital
Abhilash Hospital And Sara Rehabilitation Centre
Abhinava Eye Hospital
Abhishek Netradhama
Accident Relife Care
Achars Nursing Home
Acharya Tulsi Jain Hospital
Acura Speciality Hospital
Acura Speciality Hospital
Adarsha Hospital and Heath Care Bangalore
Aditi Hospital
Aditi Maternity and Genral Nursing Home
Aditya Netralaya
Aditya Netralaya Bangalore
Agadi Hospital
Akshara Eye Hospital
Akshay Mallya Hospital
Akshaya Nethralaya
Akshaya Nethralaya
Akshaya Nursing Home
Al Ameen Hospital
Al Habeeb Hospital
Alisa Eye Clinic and Daycare Microsurgical Centre
Amar Hospital
Amar Jyoti Nursing Home And P M P Medical Centre
Amar Nursing Home
Amazon Hospital
Amma Poly Clinic and Materinity Home
Amrik Nethralaya
Amruth Biological and Clinical Services Pvt Ltd
Amrutha Hospital
Anand Clinic
Ananya Hospital
Ananya Hospital Pvt Ltd
Annasawmy Mudaliar General Hospital
Annayya Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Anugraha Hospital
Anugraha Nursing Home
Anugrahaa Hospital
Anusuya Children Hospital
Anyuta Hospital
Apollo Bengaluru Cradle Limited
Apollo Bengaluru Cradle Limited
Apollo Hospitals
Apollo Hospitals Bangalore
Apollo Koramangla Cradle Limited
Apollo Rm Hospital
Apollo Speciality Hospital
Apoorva Diagnostic Centre
Apple Hospital
Aradhana Netra Mandira
Aruna Netralaya
Arunodaya Hospitals
Asha Kiran Children Health Care Centre
Asha Nursing Home
Ashirwad Hospital
Ashok Hospital
Ashraya Hospital
Ashwini Hospital
Ashwini Hospital
Ashwini Nursing Home
Asian Speciality Hospital(A Unit Of Orch Hospital and Healthcare Services Ltd)
Athreya Hospital
Atreya Charitable Trust
Austin Town Meternity Hospital
Av Hospital
Avadhani Nethralaya
Avhieta Hospital and Health Care
Avian Medicare and Research Centre
Axon Speciality Hospital
Ayurseva Hospital
Ayurvaid Hospital
Ayurvaid Hospital
Azad Nagar Meternity Home
B M S Nursing Home
B R Hospital and Trauma Center
B S Narayan Memorial Hospital
Babu Clinic and Piles Proctology Hospital
Bacc Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Balaji Hospital
Balaji Hospital and Gastroenterology Center
Balaji Nursing Home
Balaji Nursing Home
Banasawadi Hospital
Banashankari Hospital
Banashankari Multispeciality Hospital
Banashankari Referal Hospital
Bangalore Assisted Conception Center Pvt Ltd
Bangalore Baptist Hospital
Bangalore Baptist Hospital
Bangalore Eye Hospital And Retina Centre
Bangalore Heart Hospital
Bangalore Institute Of Oncology
Bangalore Institute of Oncology
Bangalore Kidney Stones Hospial
Bangalore Medical Centre
Bangalore Nethralaya
Bangalore Piles Clinic
Bangalore West Lions Eye Hospital and Cornea Grafting
Basavangudi Medical Centre
Beams Hospitals Private Limited
Bel Hospital (Only For Bel Employee)
Belle Vues Cambridge Hospital
Bengaluru Hospital Susruta Medical Aid AndResearch Home Limited
Bengaluru Kidney Stone Hospital
Bengaluru West Lions Hospital
BGS Global Hospitals
Bhagavan Mahaveer Jain Nethralaya
Bhagavathi Multi Speciality Hospital
Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Heart Centre
Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Netralaya
Bharath Nursing Home
Bharath Nursing Home
Bharathi Nursing Home
Bharathy Hospital
Bharathy Hospital
Bharghavi Reddy Women and Children Hospital
Bhavana Nursing Home
Bhavatprabhu Hospitals Pvt Limited
Bilva Hospital
Bkf Chande Nephro Urology Centre Nurtrust
Bmax Hospital India Pvt Ltd
Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital
Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospitals
Brinda Hospital
Brindavan Nursing Home
Brookefield Hospital(A Unit Of Sanjeevani Hospital)
C S Hospital
Cambridge Hospital
Cantonment Poly Clinic And Nursing Home
Cauvery Medical Center Limited
Cauvery Orthopaedic Centre
Cdr Medical Center
CGHS Dispensary No 1
CGHS Dispensary No 10
CGHS Dispensary No 2
CGHS Dispensary No 3
CGHS Dispensary No 4
CGHS Dispensary No 5
CGHS Dispensary No 6
CGHS Dispensary No 7
CGHS Dispensary No 8
CGHS Dispensary No 9
Chaitanya Hospital
Chaitanya Medical Centre Maternity and Surgical Care
Chandana Hospital
Chanre Rheumatology and Immunology Center and Research
Chanre Rheumatology And Immunology Centre And Research
Chathrapathi Nursing Home
Chaya Hospital
Chhaya Nursing Home
Chinamaya Narayana Hrudayalaya
Chinmaya Mission Hospital
Chinmaya Narayana Super Specialty Centre
Chinmayi Hospital
Chirag Hospital and Maternity Center
Chiranjeevi Hospital and Maternity Home
Chitra Clinic And Nursing Home
Chord Road Hospital Pvt Ltd
Chord Road Hospital Pvt Ltd
Church Of South India
Citi Hospital
Cloud Nine Jayanagar
Cloud Nine Kida Clinic Pvt (Bangalore) Ltd
Cloudnine Hospital Pvt Ltd
Columbai Asia Referral Hospital
Columbia Asia
Columbia Asia Hospital
Columbia Asia Referral Hospital
Columbia Asia Referral Hospital
Columbia Asian Medical Center Hebbal
Command Hospital
Cosmo Multispeciality Hospital
Cottonpet Meternity Home
Coxtown Meternity Hospital
Curad My Center For Diabetes
Curie Centre Of Oncology
Curie Centre Of Oncology
Curls and Curves Hair Transplantation and Cosmetic Sur
D G Hospital
D G Hospital
D J Halli Meternity Hospital
Dasappa Meternity Hospital
Davita Nephrolife
Deeksha Hospital
Deepa Hospital
Deepa Hospital
Deepak Nursing Home
Deepashri Hospital
Deepika Health Care
Deepti Nursing Home
Devambika Nursing Home Pvt Ltd
Devi Eye Hospital
Devi Super Speciality Eye Hospital Pvt Ltd
Dewans Maternity and Nursing Home
Dhanush Hospital
Dhanvanthri Hospital
Dhruva Nursing Home And Diagnostic Centre
Diacon Hospital
Diagram Healthcare
Diavista Diabetes and Multispeciality Hospital
Divakar's Global Hospital
Divakars Global Hospitals
Divakars Speciality Hospital
Divine Speciality Hospital
Divya Drishti Eye Hospital
Divya Drishti Eye Hospital
Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital Frazer Town Bangalore
Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital Shankarmutt Main Road
Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital
Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital Ltd
Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital Ltd
Dr Agarwal?S Eye Hospital
Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital
Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital Ltd
Dr Ambedkar Medical College Hospital
Dr Arvind Shenoi
Dr B G Rudrappas Nursing Home Bangalore
Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College and Hospital
Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College Hospital
Dr B Venkatasubbarao Memorial Hospital
Dr Bhargavi Reddy Womens and Childrens Hospital
Dr Chaitanyas Hospital
Dr Kamini Rao Hospital(A Unit Of Bacc Health Care Pvt Ltd)
Dr Levine Memorial Hospital
Dr Mohan Nursing Home
Dr Mohanreddy Orthopedic Centre
Dr Natesh E N T and Surgical Care Centre
Dr P R Desai Hospital Pvt Ltd
Dr Patil S Fertility And Endoscopy Clinic
Dr Ramachandra Hospital
Dr Ramesh Hospital
Dr Raos Maternity Hospital
Dr Sailaja's Super Speciality Eye Hospital
Dr Satturs Hospital
Dr Satyaprakash Centre For Digestive and Liver Dise
Dr Solankis Eye Hospital
Dr T V Ramesh Piles Hospital
Dr T V Ramesh Piles Hospital
Dr Thomas`S Cantoment Poly Clinic andNursing Home
Dr Varmas Jyothi Prasad Nursing Home Pvt Ltd
Dr Vidyananda's Surgery and Dia Centre
Dr Zamindar Microsurgical Eye Centre
Dr Zamindar's Micro Surgical Eye Centre
Drishti Netralaya
Drs 7 Maiya Multispeciality Hospital
Eesha Hospital
Elbit Medical Diagnostics Limited
Epidemic Disesase Hospital
Eskay Health Care
Essential Hospital
Excel Care Hospital
Eye Care Centre
Eye Clinics and Contacts Lens Centre
F M Eye Clinic and Surgical Centre
Faran Health Care Centre
Fortis Hospital
Fortis Hospital
Fortis Hospital Nagarbhavi
Fortis Hospitals Bannerghatta Road
Fortis Hospitals Limited
Fortis Hospitals Limited
Fortis Hospitals Ltd Nagarbhavi
Fosa Humanitarian Hospital
Fracture Of Tibial Spine Orthopaedic Clinic
G B Y Maternity and Multi Speciality Hospital
G G Hospital
Ganesh Nursing Home
Ganga Hospital and Clinical Laboratory
Ganga Maternity Home
Ganga Speciality Hospital
Ganganagar Maternity Home
Gangothri Hospital
Garden City Hospital
Garden City Hospital
Gavipuramguttahalli Meternity Home
Gayathari Hospital Pvt Ltd
Gayathri Hospital
Geeta Nursing Home
Geetha Hospital
Geetha Nursing Home
Genesis Hospital
Get Well Hospital
Gift Fertility Centre
Girish Eye and Children Clinic
Gokula Curie Center
Gold Star Hospital and Research Center
Goldfinch Hospital
Good Shepherd Hospital
Govt Hospital
Green City Hospital
Green View Medical Centre
Greenview Medical Center
Gunasheela Surgical and Maternity Hospital
Gurukripa Hospital and Health Care Centre
Gururaja Nursing Home
Gurushree Hi Tech Multi Speciality Hospital
Gurushree Hitech Multispeciality Hospital
H C G Bangalore Institute Of Oncology Speciality C
H Siddhaiah Road Referal Hospital
Hal Hospital
HCG Bengaluru Institute Of Oncology
Hcg Double Road
HCG Koramangala
Hcg M S Ramaiah Curie Centre Of Oncology Gokula Curie Cancer Centre Healthcare Global
Health Care Global Enterprises Ltd
Health Cottage Hospital
Healthcare Global Enterprises Limited S R Nagar
Hgc Curie Centre Of Oncology
Hi Tech Kidney Stone Hospital
Hillside Hospital
Hitech Kidney Stone Hospital
Hitech Kidney Stone Hospital
Hk Hospital
Hosahalli Referal Hospital
Hosmat Hospital
Hosmat Hospital
I Aim Healthcare Centre
I Aim Healthcare Centre
Ideal City Hospital
Ideal Nursing Home and Research Center
Indira Eye Clinic
Indira Gandhi Institute Of Child Health
Indira Hospital
Indus Westside Hospital
Indus Westside Hospital
Institute Of Naturopatht and Yogic Sciences
Institute Of Nephro Urology
Itc Opd Claims
J H Poly Clinic
J M J Hospital
J P Dental Clinic
J P Nursing Home
Janani Hospital
Jayamahal Vilas Hospital
Jayanagar Orthopaedic Centre
Jayashree Multispeciality Hospital
Jayashree Nursing Home
Jeevani Health And Medicare Private Limited
Jeevani Health And Medicare Pvt Ltd
Jindal Naturecure Institute
Jinka Nursing Home
Jjr Nagar Referal Hospital
Joseph Clinic
Joshi Nursing Home
Jubilee Nursing Home
Jupiter Hospital And Institute Of Vascular Surgery
Jyothi Nursing and Maternity Home
Jyothi The Lasik Vision Centre
K C General Hospital
K C Raju Multi Speciality Hospital
K I M S Hospital And Research Centre
K R Hospital
K R Puram Super Speciality Hospital
K S Hospital
Kakde Nursing Home
Kala Hospital
Kalasa Maternity Home
Kamal Maternity and Surgical Nursing Home
Kamala Nethralaya
Kamala Nursing Home
Kamath Nursing Home
Karanataka Government General Hospital
Kareem E N T and Multispeciality Centre
Karnataka Medical Centre
Karnataka Nephrology and Transplant Institute
Karnatakaa Nephrology And Transplant Institute
Karthik Hospital
Karthik Nethralaya
Karthik Netralaya Institute Of Opthalmology Pvt Ltd
Kasturi Hospital
Kavitha Hospital
Ketham`S Hospital Pvt Ltd
Kids Care Clinic
Kids Care Health Centre
Kids Clinic India Pvt Ltd (Cloudnine)
Kids Clinic India Pvt Ltd Cloudnine
Kidwai Cancer Institute Bangalore
Kidwai Memorial Institute Of Oncology
Kims Hospital and Research Centre
Kk Hospital
Koshya's Hospital Little Flower Hospital
Krishna Hospital
Krishna Loka Hospital
Krishnadevaraya Hospital And Research Centre
Kruthika Hospital
Kumar Nethralaya
Kumud Nursing Home
Kusuma Hospital
Kvg Hospital and Research Center
L R Hospital
Lady Hospitals Pvt Ltd
Lake View Hospital
Lakeside Medical Center And Hospital
Lakshmi Hospital
Lakshmi Hospital
Lakshmi Maternity Home
Lakshmi Nursing Home
Lalbagh Ivf Centre
Lalitha Healthcare Pvt Ltd (A Fortis Network Hospital)
Laser Vision Netralaya
Leela Hospital and Diagnostic Center
Life Care Hospital
Lions Airport City Hospital
Little Flower Hospital Pvt Ltd
Live 100 Hospital
Lokhande S Hospital
London Hospital
Longe Vite Jayams Healthcare Centre Private Limited
M G A Hospital
M G Speciality Health Care (A Unit Of Mgmi Hospitals(India) Pvt Ltd)
M S R Narayana Hrudayalaya
M S R Narayana Hrudayalaya
M S Ramaiah Harsha Hospital
M S Ramaiah Medical Teaching Hospital
M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospitals(Only For Corporate)
Madhu Hospital
Magadi Road Meternity Home
Mahabodhi Mallige Hospital
Maharaja Agrasen Hospital
Mahaveer Eye Hospital Private Limited
Mahesh Clinic
Maithri Nursing Homeand Diagnostic
Maiya Multispecialty Hospital
Malleswaram Eye Day Care Hospital Bengalore
Mallige Medical Centre
Mallige Medical Centre
Mallya Hospital
Mallya Hospital Bangalore
Manasa Hospital
Manasa Hospital
Manasa Hospital
Manasa Hospital
Manasa Medical Centre (P) Ltd
Manavrathpet Meternity Home
Mangal's Nursing Home Bangalore
Manipal Hospital
Manipal Hospital
Manipal North Side Hospital
Manipal Northside Hospital
Manipal Polyclinic and Nursing Home
Manipal Speciality Hospital
Manju Sree Hospital
Manjunath Hospital
Manjunatha Maternity Home and Surgical Centre
Manjushree Speciality Hospital
Maruthi Hospital
Maruthi Hospital
Marvel Hospital and Fertility Center
Marvel hospitals and Fertility centre
Mathew Nursing Home
Mathrushree Hospital
Matru Nursing Home And Trauma Care Centre
Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center and Multi Specialty Hospital
Medi Derma Hospital
Medi Tech Multi Speciality Hospital
Medic Star Hospital
Medical And Health Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Medicare Hospital
Medihope Hospitals And Research Centre Pvt Ltd
Medikeri's Super Speciality Ent Centre
Medikeris Superspecaility Ent Centre
Medinova Diagnostic Services Limited Bangalore
Mediscon Nursing Home
Mediscope Hospital
Mediscope Hospital Private Limited
Meenakshi Ent Speciality Centre
Meera Nursing Home
Meridian Medical Centre
Millige Nursing Home
Mirlay Eye Care
Moodalapallya Meternity Home
Motherwood (Unit Of Rhea Healthcare Pvt Ltd)
Ms Ramaiah Medical Hospital
Munireddy Palya Meternity Home
Murthy Health and Research Centre
Mysore Hospital
Mysore Road Hi Tech Hospital
N D R Hospital
N R Amar Nursing Home
N R Hospital
N R R Hospital
N R V Hospital
Nagappa Hadli Hospital
Nagarathna Hospital
Naggapa Hadli Hospital
Namratha Nursing And Maternity Home
Nandini Layout Meternity Home
Narayana Hrudayalaya Bommasandra
Narayana Hrudayalaya Cmh Hospital
Narayana Hrudayalaya Csi Hospital
Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals
Narayana Hrudayalaya Superspecialty Clinic and Diagnostic Center
Narayana Multispeciality Hospital
Narayana Multispeciality Hospital(A Unit Of Narayana Hrudayalaya Pvt Ltd)
Narayana Nethralaya
Narayana Nethralaya
Narayana Nethralaya
Narayana Nethralaya
Narayana Nethralaya Ii
Narayana Nethralaya Narayana Health City
Narayana Super Speciality Hospital
Nathrushree Nethralaya
National Institute Of Mental Health And Neuro Scie
National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS)
Nature Cure Hospital
Navashakthi Nethralaya
Nayak Hospital
Neha Prakash Hospital
Neha Prakash Hospital
Nelivigi Eye Hospital and Surgical Centre
Nephrolife Care India Pvt Ltd
Nethra Eye Hospital
Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospital
Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospital Indiranagar
Nethradhama Superspeciality Eye Hospital
Nethradhama Superspeciality Eye Hospital
Nethradhama Superspeciality Eye Hospital Rajajinagar Bangalore
Nethrakashi Eye Hospital And Micro Surgical Centre
Netra Enterprises Prabhu Eye Clinic and Research Center
Netraspandana Healthcare and Research Pvt Ltd
New Akshay Mallya Hospital
New City Hospital
New Opthalmic Centre
Niharika Poly Clinic
Nikad Ortho Centre
Nirmala Nursing Home
Nmpc Hospital
North City Ct Scan
North Side Health Centre
North Side Hospital And Diagnostic Centre
North Star Maternity and Nursing Home
Nova Medical Center Sadashiv Nagar
Nova Medical Centres Pvt Ltd
Nova Specialty Surgery Center Koramangala
Novamed Centers India Pvt Ltd
Nr Colony Meternity Home
Nu Hospital
Nu Hospitals
Nu Trust
Ojus Healthcare (Nirmaya Clinic)
Orch Hospital and Healthcare Services
Oxford Hospital
P D Hinduja Sindhi Hospital
Padama Devaiah Hospital and Research Center
Padmabhushan Dr M C Modi Charitable Eye Hospital
Padmabhushan Dr Mc Modi Charitable Eye Hospital
Padmashree Nursing Home and Maternity Home
Padmavathi Hospital
Palguni Nursing Home
Panacea Hospital Nagarabhavi
Panacea Hospital Nagarbhavi ( A Unit Of Pan Nagarbhavi Hospital Pvt Ltd ) Bangalore
Panacea Hospital Pvt Ltd
Panacea Hospitals Private Limited
Panchamukhi Hospital
Pandus Hospital
Parimala Health Care Services
Parimala Speciality Hospital
Parvathi Piles Clinic
Parvati Eye Care Center
Pathocon Diagnostics (Only For Sahara)
Patil Hospital
Pd Hinduja Sindhi Hospital
People Tree Hospitals
Petal Hospital
Phoenix Hospital
Piles Clinic and Hospital
Place Guttahalli Meternity Home
Pobbathi Meternity Hospital
Pooja 3D Hospital And Diabetes Center
Poornima Hospital
Poornima Hospital
Popular Hospital
Popular Nur
Prabha Eye Clinic and Research Center
Prabha Eye Clinic and Research Center
Prabha Eye Clinic and Research Centre
Pradnya Nethralaya
Pradnya Netralaya
Pragathi Nursing Home
Prakash Eye Clinic
Pranadevaru Hospital
Pranav Hospital
Prasad Clinic
Prasad Eye Hospital
Prasad Eye Hospital
Prasad Hospital
Prashanth Hospital
Prashanth Nursing Home
Pratham Ent and Child Care Centre
Prema Nursing Home
Premier Hospital
Prerana Kims Kidney Stone Centrer
Primary Medicare Centre
Pristine Hospital
Pristine Hospital And Research Centre
Pulse Diagnostics and Specialist Care Centre
Punarjani Ayurvedic Speciality Hospital
Punarjyoti Eye Hospital
Punarjyoti Eye Hospital
Punasru Hospital
Punya Hospital
Punya Hosptal
Pushpa Nursing Home
R K Hospital
R R Hospital and Trauma Centre
R R OrthopedicandSurgical Centre
Radha Maternity and Surgical Hospital
Radhakrishna Multispeciality Hospital
Rag HospitalandMaternity Centre
Ragavs Diagnostic and Research Centre Pvt Ltd
Raghavendra Medical Center
Raheja Diagnostics
Railways Hospital
Raj Mahal Vilas Hospital
Rajajinagar Meternity Home
Rajalakshmi Hospital
Rajalakshmi Multispeciality Hospital
Rajankunte Hospital
Rajasekar Hospital
Rajlakshmi Polyclinic and Nursing Home
Rajnandini Hospital
Rajshekhar Hospital
Raju Nursing Home
Raksha Multi Speciality Hospital
Raksha Multispeciality Hospital
Rama Krishna Nursing Home
Ramakrishna Nursing Home
Ramamni Nursing And Maternity
Ramesh Eye Clinic and Ophthalmic Microsurgical Centre
Ramesh Piles Hospital and Multi Specialty Center
Ramkrishna Nursing Home
Rangadore Memorial Hospital
Rangalakshmi Netralaya
Rashmi Nursing Home
Ratkal Speciality Clinic
Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital
Ravi Kirlosker Memorial Hospital
Ravindranath Ge Medical Associates Pvt Ltd
Rc Hospital
Reddy Orthopaedic and General Nursing Home
Renuka Nursing Home
Republic Hospital
Republic Hospital
Retina Institute Of Karnataka
Retina Institute Of Karnatakaa
Ring Road Hospital
Roshan Eye Clinic and Surgical Centre
Roshni Nursing Home
Rotary Eye Hospital (A Unit Of Bangalore North Rotary Trust)
S B Medical Centre
S J Hospital
S K Hospital
S N Hospital
S R Hospital
S R P Hospital
Sadhana Eye Hospital
Sagar Apollo Hospital
Sagar Hospital
Sagar Hospital
Sagar Hospitals
Sagar Hospitals Jayanagar
Sahaya Holistic Integrative Hospital Private Limited
Sai Baba Hospital
Sai Jyothi Netra Seva
Saikrupa Hospital For Women's and Surgical Centre
Saikrupa Hospital For Women'S and Surgical Centre
Sakaria Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Sakhi Hospital (A Unit Of Prasad Healthcare Services)
Sakra World Hospital
Sakthi Nursing Home
Samastha Hospitals Pvt Ltd
Samprathi Eye Hospital And Squint Centre
Samprthi Eye Hospital and Squint Centre
Sandhyashree Hospital
Sangolli Nursing Home
Sanjay Gandhi Accident Hosp and Research Institute
Sanjeevani Netralaya and Medical Research Centre
Sanjeevini Medlife Hospital (India) Pvt Ltd
Sankalp Netralaya and Polyclinic
Sankalpa E N T Care Centre
Sankalpa Nursing Home
Sankara Eye Care Hospital
Sankara Eye Hospital
Sankara Nethralaya
Sankarambal Nursing Home
Sannidhi Speciality Center
Santhigiri Ayurveda and Siddha Hospital
Santosh Hospital Bangalore
Sapthagiri Digitial Imaging Center Pvt Ltd
Sapthagiri Hospital
Saranalaya Hospital
Saraswathi Hospital
Saraswathi Poly Clinic
Sarojini Hospital
Sarojini Hospital
Sarojini Hospital
Sarvodaya Billiance Multi Speciality Hospital
Sathya Hospital
Sathya Sai Lake Side Ortho Hospital
Sbf Health
Sbj Healtcare Pvt Ltd
Scan Point Diagnostics
Sevakshetra Hospital
Sevakshetra Hospital
Seventh Day Adventist Medical Centre
Sg Hospital
Shaker Nursing Home
Shakthikrupa Nursing Home
Shalini Nursing Home
Sham Singh Nursing Home
Shanbhag Nursing Home
Shanbhag Nursing Home
Shankar Eye Hospital
Shankar Nursing Home and Diagnostic Labratory
Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital
Shanmuga Nursing Home
Shantha Nethralaya
Shanthi Nursing Home
Shantinagar Meternity Hospital
Sharada Dhanvantari Haemodialysis Centre
Sharada Poly Clinic
Sharadha Nursing Home
Sharavathi Hospitals (P) Ltd
Shekar Nethralaya
Shekar Nethralaya
Shekhar Hospital
Shekhar Hospital
Shifa Hospital
Shirdi Sai Hospital
Shiva Dentalclinic
Shiva Nursing Home
Shivakrupa Eye Hospital
Shivam Vishwa Specality Hospital
Shobha Hospital
Shree Anugraha Hospital
Shree Balaji Nursing Home
Shree Kalabyraveswara Swamy Ayurveda Medical College And Hospital
Shree Matha Speciality Clinic For Piles and Proctolo
Shree Nandi Hospital
Shree Sai Dental Care
Shree Vijayalakshmi Hospital and Trauma Centre
Shreesha Dental Clinic
Shreyas Hospital
Shri Krishna Sevashrama Hospital
Shridevi Hospital
Shridi Sai Hospital
Shushrusha Nursing Home
Si Chhaya Multi Speciality Hospital
Siddartha Hospital and Diagostics
Siddhi Dental Multispeciality Clinic
Siddhi Eye Care
Sidvin Hospital Pvt Ltd
Sir M V Centre For Diabetes
Sirasi Road Meternity Home
Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital
Sm Hospital
Sneha Ent Hospital
Sneha Nursing Home
Soubhagya Medical Centre and Hospital
Soukya Hospital
South City Hospital
South City Hospital
Spandana Hospital And Medical Centre
Spandana Nursing Home
Sparsh Hospital
Sparsh Hospital For Advanced Surgeries
Sparsh Hospital For Advanced Surgeries
Spatica Super Speciality Hospital
Spine Care And Ortho Care Hospital
Spring Leaf Health Care Pvt Ltd
Spurthy Hospital
Sree Lakshmi Hospital
Sree Venkateshwara Speciality Hospital
Sreenagar Nursing Home
Sreeniwasa Hospital
Sreerampura Referal Hospital
Sri Balaji Polyclinic and Diagnostic Centr
Sri Dhavantari Ayurveda Hoapital
Sri Jayadeva Institute Of Cardiology
Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research
Sri Kalabyraveshwara Swamy Ayurvedic Medical Colle
Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust Sankara Eye Hosp
Sri Krishna Hospital
Sri Krishna Sevashrama Hospital
Sri Lakshmi Multi Speciality Hospital
Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Hospital Bangalore
Sri Maruthi Hospital
Sri Maruthi Hospital
Sri Maruthi Nursing Home
Sri Maruthi Nursing Home
Sri Raghava Children and General Hospital
Sri Raghava Childrens And General Hospital
Sri Raghavendra Hospital
Sri Rajeshwari Hospital
Sri Ram Netralaya and Surgical Entre
Sri Ram Nursing Home
Sri Ram Speciality Hospital
Sri Rama Nursing Home
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital
Sri Ramakrishnahospital
Sri Ranga Arogyadhama
Sri Sai Clinic and Maternity Home
Sri Sai Eye Hospital
Sri Sai Health Care Speciality Hospital
Sri Sai Hospital
Sri Sai Krupa Hospital
Sri Sai Lakshmi Hospital
Sri Sai North Side Hospital
Sri Sai North Side Hospital
Sri Sai Nursing Home and Diagnostic Laboratory
Sri Sai Ram Hospital
Sri Sai Ram Hospital Bangalore
Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital And Research Centre (A Service Unit Of Sscf)
Sri Srinivasa Hospital Anekal
Sri Venkateshwara Eye Hospital
Sri Venkateshwara Hospital
Sri Venkateshwara Hospital
Sri Venkateshwara Hospitals
Sri Venkateshwara Nethralaya
Sri Venkateshwara Nethralaya
Sri Vinayaka Hospital
Sri Vinayaka Multispeciality Hospital and Trauma Centre
Sri Vinayaka Nursing Home
Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama
Sridevi Nursing Home
Srinivasa Eye Hospital
Srinivasa Nursing Home
Sriram Hospital Bangalore
Srivijaya Speciality Hospital
St John's Medical College Hospital
St John's Medical College Hospital
St John?S Medical College Hospital
St Johns Hospital
St Martha'S Heart Center (Managed By Narayana Health)
St Martha's Hospital
St Marthas Hospital
St Marys Hospital
St Philomenas Hospital Bangalore
St Philomina?S Hospital
St Theresa's Hospital
St Theresa'S Hospital
Starr Hospital
Subbiah Hospital ( A Unit Of Shirdi Sai Hospital Pvt Ltd )
Sudhanva Health Care
Sudharsana Nethralaya
Sudharshana Nethralaya
Suguna Hospital
Suguna Hospital
Sukruthi Eye Care Microsurgical Centre
Sumathi Nursing and Maternity Home
Sumati Hospital
Sun Orthopaedic Hospital
Sunayana Eye Clinic
Sunayana Eye Hospital
Sundar Hospital
Sunetra Eye Hospital
Supra South City Hospital
Suprabha Medical Center
Supriya Hospital
Supriya Nursing Home
Suraksha Nursing Home
Suresh Hospital
Suresh Hospital Bangalore
Sursksha Nursing Home
Susheel Hospital
Swathi Galaxy Hospital
Syamala Hospital
T R Hospital
Taluk Hospital Magadi
Tanmay Hospital
Tejas Nursing Home
The Apollo Clinic
The Apollo Clinic (Only For Sahara) Bangalore
The Apollo Clinic and Surgical Centre
The Apollo Clinic For Health Check Up
The Bangalore Hospital
The Bangalore Kidneystones Hospital
The Bengaluru Hospital
The Cradle
The Cradle Hospital
The Eye Foundation
The Eye Surgical Centre
The Pulse Multi Speciality Hospital
The Venlakh Hospital
Thirumala Hospital
Thrombosis Research Institute
Timmaya Road Meternity Hospital
Tirumalai Eye Clinic And Surgical Centre
Town Hospital
Trinetraalaya Eye Care and Surgical Centre
Trinity Hospital And Heart Foundation
Trinity Hospital And Heart Foundation
Trupti Nursing Home
Udhbhava Hospital
Ulsoor Referal Hospital
Unity Hospital
Unity Lifline Hospital Pvt Ltd
V Care Hoapitals and Diagnostic Center
V Care Hospital
V Care Hospital
V M Laxmi
V S Specialist Medical Centre and Neurological Research Institute Pvt Ltd
Vaatsalaya Hospital
Vagh Eye Centre
Vagus Super Speciality Hospital
Vagus Super Speciality Hospital Pvt Ltd
Vaidyam Hospital
Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala
Vani Vilas Hospital
Varalakshmi Nursing and Maternity Home
Varna Nursing Home
Vasan Eye Care Hospital
Vasan Eye Care Hospital
Vasan Eye Care Hospital
Vasan Eye Care Hospital
Vasan Eye Care Hospital
Vasan Eye Care Hospital Banaswadi
Vasan Eye Care Hospital Bannergatta Road
Vasan Eye Care Hospital Hsr Layout
Vasan Eye Care Hospital Jayanagar
Vasan Eye Care Hospital Koramangala
Vasan Eye Care Hospital Marathalli
Vasan Eye Care Hospital Nagarabhavi
Vasan Eye Care Hospital R T Nagar
Vasan Eye Care Hospital Rajaji Nagar
Vasan Eye Care Hospital Rajajinagar
Vasan Eye Care Hospital Rajarajeswari Nagar
Vasan Eye Care Hospital Sarakki
Vathsalya Speciality Hospital
Veena Medical Center
Venkatagiri Nursing Home
Venkateshwara Eye Clinic
Venkateshwara Maternity and Surgical Center
Venkateswara Hospital
Victoria Hospital
Vidhya Eye Hospital
Vignesha Ayurvedic Clinic
Vijai Hospital Bangalore
Vijaya Ent Care Centre
Vijaya Ent Care Centre
Vijaya Eye Clinic and Research Center
Vijaya Eye Clinic and Research Centre
Vijaya Hospital
Vijaya Nursing Home
Vijaya Nursing Home
Vijayanagar Global Hospital
Vijayanagar Global Hospital
Vijayashree Hospitals
Vijayashree Hospitals
Vikram Eye Clinic
Vikram Hospital
Vikram Hospital Pvt Ltd
Vims Heart Centre And Hospitals
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Vinayaka Hospital
Vinayaka Hospital
Vinayaka Nethralaya
Vishwabharathi Hospital Private Limited
Vishwabharathi Hospital Pvt Ltd
Vital Medi Health Care Pvt Ltd
Vitalis Medical Centre
Vittala International Institute Of Ophthalmology
Vittala International Institute Of Ophthalmology
Vivus West Multi Speciality Hospital
Vydehi Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre
Vydehi Institute Of Medical Sciencs And Research Center
Well Spring
Wilsongarden Meternity Hospital
Wockhardt Hospital (New Name Fortis Hospitals Ltd Banneraghatta Road)
Y K Hospital
Yashomati Hospitals Pvt Ltd
Yashomati Hospitals Pvt Ltd
Yelamali Nursing Home
Yellamma Dasappa Hospital
Yellamma Dassappa Hospital Bangalore
Yeshvanthpura Meternity Home
Yogananda Medical and Research Centre
Zion Hospital And Research Centre Pvt Ltd
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