Indication : Why is this medication prescribed?

Parkinsonism. Drug induced extrapyramidal symptoms. Trigerminal neuralgia.

Contraindication: What are the special precautions to be followed?

Under following conditions, use of this medication is inadvisable. Its use should be withhold as it would cause harm to the patient
Hypersensitivity. Acute narrow angle glaucoma. Urinary retention, tachycardia, Paralytic ileus. Prostatic hypertrophy. Chronic pulmonary disease, sick sinus syndrome, thyrotoxicosis, cardiac failure. Children.

Other Precaution to be observed while taking this medication

History of convulsion. Recent MI. Concurrent admin. CNS depressants.

What are possible side effects of this medication ?

Dryness of mouth, blurring of vision, headache, nausea, nervousness, impairment of memory and organic confusional states. dizziness, constipation, delusions and hallucinations. Urinary retention, glaucoma. Arrhythmias, AV dissociation, multiple ventricular ectopics.

Drug Category/Class

Trihexiphenidyl has 39 Brands listed

Ancolin (2 mg)Antichol (2 mg)
Barohexy (2 mg)Bexol (2 mg)
Bexol DT (2 mg)Dyskinil (2 mg)
Dystonil (2 mg)Epsinil (2 mg)
Epsinil (5 mg)Hexydyl (2 mg)
Hexylent (2 mg)Hexyriv (2 mg)
Lahexy (2 mg)Manohexy (2 mg)
Manohexy (5 mg)Manohexy Inj (2 mg)
Maphyl (2 mg)Pacidyl (2 mg)
Pacitane (2 mg)Parales (2 mg)
Parales (5 mg)Parkin (2 mg)
Parkitane (2 mg)Parnon (2 mg)
Ptempt (2 mg)Relihexy (2 mg)
Seretane DT (2 mg)Texyl (2 mg)
Texyl (2 mg) (Symbiosis)THP (2 mg)
Tixil (2 mg)Tri Ex (2 mg)
Tridepinase (2 mg)Trihexiphenidyl (2 mg)
Trihexy (2 mg)Triphen (2 mg)
Tryal (2 mg)TXP (2 mg)
Zoxol (0.25 mg)

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