Indication : Why is this medication prescribed?

Intestinal and hepatic amoebiasis. Giardiasis. Trichomoniasis. Bacterial vaginosis. Anaerobic infections.

Contraindication: What are the special precautions to be followed?

Under following conditions, use of this medication is inadvisable. Its use should be withhold as it would cause harm to the patient

Other Precaution to be observed while taking this medication

Renal and hepatic impairment. CNS diseases e.g. epilepsy or multiple sclerosis. May impair ability to drive or operate machinery. Pregnancy and lactation.

What are possible side effects of this medication ?

Nausea, pain the abdomen, vertigo, headache, skin rash are generally reported. Somnolence, headache, vomiting, dizziness, tremor, rigidity, poor coordination, tiredness, vertigo, mixed peripheral neuropathy, taste disturbances, abnormal LFTs, skin reactions.

Drug Category/Class

Ornidazole has 42 Brands listed

Aurnida (500 mg)Cgdole (500 mg)
Dazolic (100 ml)Dazolic (500 mg)
Dool (500 mg)Drmed (500 mg)
Elzod 500Entamizole Plus (500 mg)
Giro (500 mg)Horn (500 mg)
Lotromycin (500 mg)Myzole (500 mg)
Nidapar (500 mg)Nidazole (100 ml)
Nidazole (500 mg)Nidoba (500 mg)
Ninda (500 mg)Odizole
Onidaz (500 mg)Oniz (500 mg)
Orbest (500 mg)ORD (500 mg)
Orinzen (500 mg)Orizole (500 mg)
Ormed (500 mg)Ornaz (500 mg)
Orni (500 mg)Orni (500 mg) (German Remedies)
Ornida (125 mg)Ornida (500 mg)
Ornida IV (100 ml)Ornidazole 500 mg (Jan Aushadhi)
Ornikem (500 mg)Ornimax (500 mg)
Ornivir (500 mg)Orniz (500 mg)
Ornizen (500 mg)Ornol (500 mg)
Orocyp (500 mg)OZ (500 mg)
Spornid (500 mg)Zil (500 mg)

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