Lithium Carbonate

Indication : Why is this medication prescribed?

Acute hypomania, mania, recurrent mania. Depression. Prophylaxis of MDP. Recurrent neuropsychiatric illness. ADH secretion syndrome.

Contraindication: What are the special precautions to be followed?

Under following conditions, use of this medication is inadvisable. Its use should be withhold as it would cause harm to the patient
Pregnancy,lactation and children. CNS disorders. Severe renal and cardiac disease, severe dehydration, Sodium depletion, debilitation.

Other Precaution to be observed while taking this medication

Monitor renal and thyroid functions. Maintain salt and fluid intake. Drug interaction occurs with phenytoin, carbamazepine, haloperidol, diazepam, methyldopa, tetracycline, diuretics.

What are possible side effects of this medication ?

Nausea, vomiting, mild diarrhoea initially. Thirst and polyuria. Fine tremors and rarely seizures. CNS toxicity-coarse tremors, giddiness, ataxia, motor in coordination, nystagmus, mental confusion, slurred speech, hyper reflexia. Exacerbation of psoriasis, acne, hypothyroidism.

Drug Category/Class

Lithium Carbonate has 69 Brands listed

A Lith (300 mg)A Lith (400 mg)
A Lith SR (400 mg)A Lith SR (450 mg)
Alkalith CR (450 mg)Benethim
Carbolith (300 mg)Carbolith (400 mg)
Carbolith SR (400 mg)Carbolith SR (450 mg)
Cartil-SR (400 mg)Cylith (300 mg)
Elcab (300 mg)Elith SR (400 mg)
Estilith (300 mg)Genlith (300 mg)
Genlith SR (400 mg)Hethium (300 mg)
Intalith (150 mg)Intalith (300 mg)
Intalith CR (450 mg)Lalithium (300 mg)
Lalithium XR (400 mg)Licab (300 mg)
Licab XL (400 mg)Lidep (300 mg)
Likon (300 mg)Lithicab (300 mg)
Lithicab SR (450 mg)Lithicarb (300 mg)
Lithicarb SR (400 mg)Lithium (300 mg)
Lithium Carbonate (300 mg)Lithium SR (400 mg)
Lithocap (150 mg)Lithocap (300 mg)
Lithocent (300 mg)Lithocent CR (450 mg)
Litholent (300 mg)Litholent SR (400 mg)
Litholite (300 mg)Litholite SR (400 mg)
Lithopik (300 mg)Lithopik (400 mg)
Lithoril (300 mg)Lithoril SR (400 mg)
Lithorin (300 mg)Lithosun (250 mg)
Lithosun (300 mg)Lithosun SR (400 mg)
Lithus (300 mg)Loponet (300 mg)
Manicarb (300 mg)Manicarb (400 mg)
Manicarb (450 mg)Manicarb SR (300 mg)
Manolith (300 mg)Monolith (300 mg)
Monolith SR (400 mg)Monolith SR (450 mg)
Prolithium (300 mg)Prolithium SR (400 mg)
Psycolith CR (450 mg)Salith SR (400 mg)
Staleth (300 mg)Stalith (300 mg)
Zacarb SR (450 mg)Zecarb (300 mg)
Zelith (300 mg)

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