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Drug Category/Class
i.v. Solution Additives
i.v. Solutions
Imidazole and Triazole Derivatives
Imidazole Derivatives
Imidazoline Derivatives
Imidazoline Receptor Agonists
Immune Sera and Immunoglobulins
Immunologic Factors
Immunosuppressive Agents
Indicators and Reagents
Indium (111In) Compounds
Indole Derivatives
Insulins and Analogues
Insulins and Analogues for Inhalation
Insulins and Analogues for Injection, Fast-Acting
Insulins and Analogues for Injection, Intermediate- or Long-Acting Combined With Fast-Acting
Insulins and Analogues for Injection, Intermediate-Acting
Insulins and Analogues for Injection, Long-Acting
Insulins and Analogues, for Inhalation
Intercalating Agents
Interferon Inducers
Interleukin Inhibitors
Intermediate-Acting Sulfonamides
Intestinal Antiinfectives
Intestinal Antiinflammatory Agents
Intravaginal Contraceptives
Iron Chelating Agents
Iron Preparations
Irrigating Solutions