Bipo Life (100 mg) [Amisulpride]

Drug brand Bipo Life (100 mg) is being manufactured and marketed by Invision Medi Sciences. The main active ingredient or salt in this drug is Amisulpride. This drug comes in the form of Tablet. The general packing available for this medicine consists of 10 Tablet and is priced at Rs 82.39 (arround $1.277045 US Dollar)
Generic :Amisulpride
Pharma Company :Invision Medi Sciences
Brand Label :Bipo Life (100 mg)
Preparation Type :Tablet
Single Dose :1 Tablet
Composition :Amisulpride-100 mg
Pack Size/Qty/Vol :10 Tablet
Price Unit :Rs 8.24
Price Pack :Rs 82.39 INR (arround $1.277045 US Dollar)

Drug details for Bipo Life (100 mg)

Bipo Life (100 mg) - Amisulpride - For more details on its Indication, Prescription, Usage, Dosage, Precaution, Side Effects etc, please check : Bipo Life (100 mg) - Amisulpride..

Generic Drug Substitutes for : Bipo Life (100 mg)

There are 24 brands listed here as Generic Substitutes for Bipo Life (100 mg), which have same salt or similar Generic composition (i.e. Amisulpride-100 mg).
Please note that one can request a doctor or pharmacist to substitute a generic version of the prescribed drug brand, if any. So far as quality and performance of generic version is concerned, mostly, Generics with the same active ingredient (here i.e. Amisulpride-100 mg), are just as appropriate and effective for patient treatment as otherwise, the prescribed branded one

BrandPrice (Rs.)BrandPrice (Rs.)
Amazeo (100 mg) 87.00Amazeo OD (100 mg) 97.00
Amgrace (100 mg) 87.00Amigold (100 mg) 95.20
Amisant (100 mg) 82.00Amisure (100 mg) 85.00
Amisyt (100 mg) 77.40Amival (100 mg) 78.00
Ampicon (100 mg) 84.00Atypride (100 mg) 84.00
Cyam (100 mg) 89.00Doxamil (100 mg) 78.00
Goldpride (100 mg) 92.00Psyride (100 mg) 84.00
Sizopride (100 mg) 81.00Solaze (100 mg) 89.00
Solian (100 mg) 120.00Soltus (100 mg) 82.39
Stozen (100 mg) 76.00Sulpitac (100 mg) 87.00
Sulpra (100 mg) 78.00Sypride (100 mg) 115.00
Zonapride (100 mg) 89.00Zulpride (100 mg) 84.20

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