Showing List of Drug Brands starting with alphabet "W" for Prescription and Over-the-counter (OTC) Medications.
Get details about each Drug Brand, its Generic Composition, Preparation Type, Manufacturer, available Packing Size/Quantity/Volume and respective price. Also, against each drug brand, other brands having similar generic composition are also listed for reference.
Generic Drug Scan currently has 406 Drug Brands starting with letter "W" uner 111 distinct Generics thereof .
The list is being updated regularly, in case a brand is missing in our list, please contact us for its enlistment.

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Drug BrandType
W Ban (100 mg)Suspension
Wacort (25 mg)Injection
Wagra (100 mg)Tablet
Wagra (50 mg)Tablet
Waklert (150 mg)Tablet
Waklert (50 mg)Tablet
Wal D3Capsule
Wal D3 (60 ml)Syrup
Wal D3 DSDrop
Walacort (0.5 mg)Tablet
Walacort (Skin) (10 gm)Cream
Waladrox (30 ml)Suspension
Waladrox (500 mg)Tablet
Waladrox DT (250 mg)Tablet
Walagat (400 mg)Tablet
Walagyl DS (30 ml)Syrup
Walamycin (30 ml)Suspension
Walamycin (60 ml)Suspension
Walaphage (500 mg)Tablet
Walaphage (850 mg)Tablet
Walaphage SR (1000 mg)Tablet
Walaphage SR (500 mg)Tablet
Walasa (400 mg)Tablet
Walavin (250 mg)Tablet
Walibur (300 ml)Infusion
Walibur (600 mg)Tablet
Walky (10 mg)Tablet
Wancorte (30 mg)Tablet
Wancorte (6 mg)Tablet
War (200 mg)Tablet
War (400 mg)Tablet
Warcilin (250 mg)Capsule
Warcilin (30 ml)Syrup
Warcilin (500 mg)Capsule
Warcilin (60 ml)Syrup
Warcilin DT (250 mg)Tablet
Warcilin Kid (125 mg)Tablet
Warcillin (250 mg)Capsule
Warcillin (500 mg)Capsule
Warcip (500 mg)Tablet
Warf (1 mg)Tablet
Warf (2 mg)Tablet
Warf (3 mg)Tablet
Warf (5 mg)Tablet
Warmy A (400 mg)Tablet
Wavegra (100 mg)Tablet
Wavegra (50 mg)Tablet
Wavocef (1000 mg)Injection
Wavocef (250 mg)Injection