List of Drug Brands for Prescription and Over-the-counter (OTC) Medications. Alphabetical drug brand Indexing for easy search.

Get details about Drug Brands, Generic Composition, Preparation type, Manufacturer, available packing size/quantity and respective price. Against each drug brand, other brands having similar generic composition are also listed. Generic Drug Scan currently has 59724 Drug Brands listed under 1589 distinct Generics. The list is being updated regularly, in case a brand is missing in our list, please contact us for its enlistment.

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Drug BrandType
Acenal (100 mg)Tablet
Acenal SR (200 mg)Tablet
Acenez (150 mg)Injection
Acenez SR (200 mg)Tablet
Acent (100 mg)Tablet
Acent (150 mg)Injection
Acent MD (100 mg)Tablet
Acent SR (200 mg)Tablet
Aceof (200 mg)Tablet
Acep (200 mg)Tablet
Acep (250 mg)Tablet
Acep (500 mg)Tablet
Acep DS (30 ml)Syrup
Acep DT (100 mg)Tablet
Acepac (100 mg)Tablet
Acepac SR (200 mg)Tablet
Acepain SR (200 mg)Tablet
Acepal (100 mg)Tablet
Acepar (200 mg)Tablet
Acepride (1 mg)Tablet
Acepril (2.5 mg)Tablet
Acepril (2.5 mg) (Sain Medicaments)Tablet
Acepril (5 mg)Tablet
Acepril (5 mg) (Sain Medicaments)Capsule
Aceprole (20 mg)Capsule
Acer (20 mg)Capsule
Acer (250 mg)Tablet
Acer (30 ml)Syrup
Acer (50 mg)Capsule
Acer (500 mg)Tablet
Acera (20 mg)Capsule
Acera Fast (20 mg)Tablet
Acerap (100 mg)Tablet
Aceret (10 mg)Capsule
Aceret (25 mg)Capsule
Aceri (200 mg)Tablet
Acerik (100 mg)Tablet
Aceroc (100 mg)Tablet
Acerock SR 200Tablet
Acert (50 mg)Capsule
Acespar (200 mg)Tablet
Acet (10 mg)Tablet
Aceta SR (250 mg)Tablet
Acetal (100 mg)Tablet
Acetamide (250 mg)Tablet
Acetamin (250 mg)Tablet
Acetariv (250 mg)Tablet