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Drug BrandType
Aceclo (100 mg)Tablet
Aceclo SR (200 mg)Tablet
Aceclocare (100 mg)Tablet
Aceclodin (100 mg)Tablet
Aceclof (100 mg)Tablet
Aceclofenac 100 mg (Jan Aushadhi)Tablet
Aceclonij (100 mg)Tablet
Acecloworth (100 mg)Tablet
Aceden (100 mg)Tablet
Aceden SR (200 mg)Tablet
Acedol CR (200 mg)Tablet
Acedox OTablet
Acee (500 mg)Tablet
Acef (200 mg) (Adventure)Tablet
Acef (250 mg)Tablet
Acef (30 ml)Syrup
Acef (500 mg)Tablet
Acef DT (100 mg) (Adventure)Tablet
Acef DT (50 mg) (Adventure)Tablet
Acefen (100 mg)Tablet
Acefim (100 mg)Tablet
Acefinac (100 mg)Tablet
Aceflow (100 mg)Tablet
Aceflow SR (200 mg)Tablet
Aceforce (100 mg)Tablet
Acefox CX (1000 mg)Injection
Acefox CX (250 mg)Injection
Acefox CX (500 mg)Injection
Acegesic (100 mg)Tablet
Acelexin (250 mg)Capsule
Acelexin (500 mg)Capsule
Acelo (100 mg)Tablet
Acelofan (100 mg)Tablet
Acelofan SR (200 mg)Tablet
Acelom (100 mg)Tablet
Acelox (100+500)Tablet
Acem (250 mg)Tablet
Acema (100 mg)Injection
Acemarc (100 mg)Tablet
Acemarc SR (200 mg)Tablet
Acemiz (10 mg)Tablet
Acemiz (60 ml)Syrup
Acemiz SR (200 mg)Tablet
Acemove Inj (150 mg)Injection
Acemove SR (200 mg)Tablet
Acemox (250 mg)Capsule
Acemox (500 mg)Capsule
Acenac (100 mg)Tablet
Acenac SR (200 mg)Tablet