Showing List of 1 to 50 of 165 Fixed-Dose Combination (FDC) Drug Brands, starting with alphabet "Q". These drug Brands contain two or more active ingredients (generics or substances or salts) within a single pharmaceutical form and are being used as Prescription and Over-the-counter (OTC) Medications.
Get details about each Fixed-Dose Combination (FDC) Drug Brand, its active substances (or Generics Combination & Composition), Preparation Type, Manufacturer, available Packing Size/Quantity/Volume and respective price. Also, against each drug brand, other brand substitutes having similar Fixed-Dose Combination, are also listed for reference.
Generic Drug Scan currently has 165 Fixed-Dose Combination (FDC) Drug Brands starting with letter "Q" uner 117 distinct Fixed-Dose Combinations (FDCs) thereof .
The list is being updated regularly, in case a brand is missing in our list, please contact us for its enlistment.

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Drug BrandType
Q 4 U TZ (200+600)Tablet
Q Bact TZ (500+600)Tablet
Q Ciprox TZ (500+600)Tablet
Q ColdTablet
Q Pep (200 ml)Syrup
Q Pod CV (200+125)Tablet
Q Press H (10+12.5)Tablet
Q Press H (20+12.5)Tablet
Q Pril H (12.5+10)Tablet
Q Ril (20 gm)Gel
Q Ril ACP (100+500)Tablet
Q Ril NCP (100+500)Tablet
Q Ril NCP (60 ml)Suspension
Q Ril TRP (50+500)Tablet
Q Star (50+100)Capsule
Q Vac (0.5 ml)Injection
Q Vac (10 Dose)Injection
Q Vert D (20+15)Tablet
Qarotixx (200 ml)Suspension
Qauliderm Plus (Skin) (15 gm)Cream
Qauliderm Plus (Skin) (5 gm)Cream
Qcderm (Skin) (10 gm)Cream
Qcderm (Skin) (5 gm)Cream
Qcderm RF (25 gm)Cream
Qcderm RF (Skin) (10 gm)Cream
Qcderm RF (Skin) (5 gm)Cream
QD4 (Skin) (10 gm)Cream
Qfero XT (100+1.5)Capsule
Qflac P (100+500)Tablet
Qflox TZ (500+600)Tablet
Qfopan DSR (40+30)Capsule
Qgram OZ (200+500)Tablet
Qgram OZ (30 ml)Suspension
Qiliderm (Skin) (15 gm)Cream
Qiliderm (Skin) (5 gm)Cream
Qloz (30 ml)Syrup
Qmap DCapsule
Qotan H (50+12.5)Tablet
QP Cal (1250 mg+250 iu)Tablet
QPCAL K2Capsule
Qpcal TofiTablet
Qpflox OZ (200+500)Tablet
Qpraz DTablet
Qpril H 10 (10+12.5)Tablet
QPtone (200 ml)Syrup
QPtone GoldTablet