Showing List of 1 to 50 of 2236 Fixed-Dose Combination (FDC) Drug Brands, starting with alphabet "O". These drug Brands contain two or more active ingredients (generics or substances or salts) within a single pharmaceutical form and are being used as Prescription and Over-the-counter (OTC) Medications.
Get details about each Fixed-Dose Combination (FDC) Drug Brand, its active substances (or Generics Combination & Composition), Preparation Type, Manufacturer, available Packing Size/Quantity/Volume and respective price. Also, against each drug brand, other brand substitutes having similar Fixed-Dose Combination, are also listed for reference.
Generic Drug Scan currently has 2236 Fixed-Dose Combination (FDC) Drug Brands starting with letter "O" uner 764 distinct Fixed-Dose Combinations (FDCs) thereof .
The list is being updated regularly, in case a brand is missing in our list, please contact us for its enlistment.

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Drug BrandType
O & D (10+20)Capsule
O & O (30 ml)Syrup
O 1B (200+LB)Tablet
O 1B (400+LB)Tablet
O 1B Plus (200+500+LB)Tablet
O 4 U TZ (200+600)Tablet
O Bact CT (200+600)Tablet
O Carb (Ear) (5 ml)Drop
O Care (Ear) (5 ml)Drop
O Cebran M (100+50)Suspension
O Cebran O (30 ml)Suspension
O Cebran OZ (200+500)Tablet
O Cebran TN (200+600)Tablet
O CecobTablet
O Cool (Eye) (10 ml)Drop
O Dex (E/E) (10 ml)Drop
O Dox (400+325+32.5)Tablet
O F L TZ (200+600)Tablet
O F M (30 ml)Suspension
O F T (200+600)Tablet
O Gesic (5 ml)Drop
O Grid (200+500)Tablet
O K (100+500)Tablet
O Loxin OZ (200+500)Tablet
O MX (500+250+50)Tablet
O Mycin (Ear) (5 ml)Drop
O NE (134+90+60)Capsule
O One OZ (200+500)Tablet
O One OZ (30 ml)Suspension
O Ron M (30 ml)Suspension
O Ron O (200+500)Tablet
O Ron TZ (200+600)Tablet
O Spas (20+500)Tablet
O TO (30 ml)Suspension
O VitTablet
O Vit (Inj)Injection
O Wax (Ear) (10 ml)Drop
O Win M (30 ml)Suspension
O+Z (200+500)Tablet
O+Z (30 ml)Suspension
O2 (200+500)Tablet
O2 (30 ml)Suspension
O2 Fil (200+500)Tablet
O2 Fresh (Mouth/Throat) (18 ml)Gum Paint
O2 Fresh (Mouth/Throat) (50 gm)Tooth Paste
O2 Fresh GP (Skin) (18 ml)Solution
O2 H (100+250)Tablet
O2 Susp (30 ml)Suspension
OA M (60 ml)Suspension
OA TZ (200+600)Tablet